Sunday, April 11, 2010

- Your Joe Army Add-Ons Poll - results

More directed towards G.I.Joe fans this time, a week at this and some mere 31 votes, we can actually draw some conclusions. But before that, the results:

All I can find!................... 14 votes - 45%
"The Corps!".......... 6 votes - 19%
Chap Mei "Soldier Force".... 5 votes - 16%
Other .................... ......... 4 votes - 12%
M&C "Power Team Elite"..... 2 votes - 6%

As it comes to show, most G.I.Joe fans are into pretty much any and everything usable. Although it was possible to vote for multiple choices, when you have an option like "all", there is little reason to vote for any other. So, I´m guessing those 14 votes could be distributed or added to any of the other choices.

Those who collect/use only some of the cool 3 3/4" "2nd class" troopers, and voted for their choice, showed Lanard and Chap Mei are still the most sought after brands to follow Hasbro. No news here. And let´s hope they keep giving us all reasons to be.

Curiosity comes with the "other" option. What are those, what do you use and your actual favorite "Joe Army Add-On"? Let us know!

Thanks for voting!

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