Sunday, February 27, 2011

S.T.A.R. Force 1998 Mobile Ground Support

Suspiciously similar to Hasbro´s G.I.Joe Amphibious Personnel Carrier, stands tall considering its "all-new" rooftop with 2 opening doors to reveal an 8 fully armed trooper compartment.

Impressive size and brutally smooth, this APC is a must when you take your space fighters into battle!

Included accessories.

Figures: S.T.A.R. Force astronaut team members "3" and "8".

The Mobile Ground Support. A repaint of the original The Corps! APC, also including different rooftop accessories.

Cabin hatches/ door. Again similar to Hasbro´s 1983 APC, with cool extra armored doors for drivers.

Personnel area opening hatches/ doors.

Detail shots. The radar dish is very cool!

Action shots with figures in different possible stations.

Status: Unavailable


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Indiana Jones Troop Car

This 3.75" scale vehicle is another great find.  A real fantastic vehicle usable with many toy lines.

Indy toys fans please correct me if I´m wrong, but it seems Hasbro launched a mega line for all 4 movies. Not sure how smart that move was, but one thing´s for sure: some vehicles (and figures) were a lot more interesting than others. Not a question of personal taste, but attention to detail. The boxes, however, were all "fine-art" pieces.

Included parts.

The Mercedes-Benz G5 model. Pretty close to the actual thing.

The mounted MG42 "toy cannon-conversion". Personally I´d rather have a real scale MG42 with no spring action. But... that´s why Star Wars Sand Troopers guns are so great!

Scale shots. Perfect for Joes. Those drums/ barrels have the right size. Considerably bigger than Chap Mei´s.

The vehicle in all its greatness. This is the level of detail I do enjoy. You can tell it´s a toy, but looks real enough. They didn´t overdo it. Just the right amount of detail.

Undercarriage look. Again, a nice detail here and there. Instead of just "Hasbro".

Some interesting angles. I love the space under the benches for figure legs. It´s a big problem when they have to sit like "lady horse riding".

Status: Unavailable


Friday, February 25, 2011

Star Wars 3 3/4" Bootlegs - Update!

Presenting some more bootleg victims, this time around, from the Star Wars universe.

Only one card available, so Obi-wan, Yoda and Chewbacca are now all Jedi Knight Lukes! The detail is not that bad. Besides OB-1´s black saber and new beard design.

Shadows Of The Empire Luke Skywalker. They did try to replicate the original colors and they did a pretty good job. Scary.

Crowd Control Stormtrooper. Another decent work. Besides, you could get this for under a dollar and from a far distance, and in numbers, they´d make a fine army.

Two more elucidative examples. C3PO and Scout Trooper. Both here presented with the originals by their side. This is so impressive it actually makes a cool addition to a collection.

4 MOC figures, each, trade value:  5€
C3PO (loose), trade value: 2€ Currently unavailable
Scout Trooper (loose), trade value: 2€
CC Stormtrooper (loose), trade value: 3€ Currently unavailable
SOTE Luke (loose), trade value: 3€

Status: Available for trade

Thursday, February 24, 2011

X Stuntz Motor Cross bike

 From Chinese company Uni Fortune Toys comes a great piece for either play or diorama purposes.

Although seen in various molds by various companies, the great price/quality here deserves a most positive note.

Included parts.

Working front and rear suspensions, front wheel -working- lock and stand for the bike.

Hey "joes"... how about that picture of a bike being worked on... inside a ´noks garage?

Changed accessories.

Scale shot with a ROC G.I.Joe figure.

Status: Unavailable

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sylvanian Families Shopping Mall - Part I

2005 Spanish edition of an Epoch CO original, distributed in Western Europe by Bizac S.A. Expensive enough, these are worth every dime!

 Sylvanian Families is a 1985 toy plush figures release recognized and awarded worldwide. The high detail of their figures and accessories is impressive.

 ... And when my wife told me "hey, how cute", I looked at the building and thought "indeed... Joe material".

This will be the first look at this Shopping Mall and from a 3 3/4" enthusiast point of view. In the next post we´ll have a look at how it looks with all the included accessories.

This building is sturdy and wonderful for classic 3 3/4" G.I.Joe figures. It has the looks of 80s (and 90s) cartoons so one can really create some cool dio-stories.

Detail shots. The plastic looks like wood and the both exterior and interior have twists and turns to keep you busy.

Also, other houses can perfectly snap to this one to create a bigger building. Basically, a formula used by Playmobil in their western houses, for example.

 Scale shots with ARAH G.I.Joe figures. Springfield or any other Cobra town!

No luck for modern Joes!

Status: Unavailable

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sbego Skatepark

Manufactured by Chinese company Guanhua, these collectible skatepark toys connect as modules, to form your "micro board" play center!

Astonishing - similiar - to Tech Deck´s Street Spots sets, these are way cheaper and still great 1:18 diorama items.

Included parts. Stairs, ramp, rails, micro board (1 included in every set) and a handful of clips to attach the parts together.

Assembled view.

Micro Board. To use with your own fingers "to skate just as you would on your feet". Too big for 3 3/4" figures...

"Sbego" skatepark connection system.

Scale shot with a ROC Destro figure.

Scale shot with a Maisto YZF. I love the texture on this toy.

Status: Unavailable

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Disney Heroes Jeep with Tarzan figure

Considering most 3 3/4" fans always look around for usable items in any "similar scale" line, this one should be considered.

Had my eye on this one for some time now. When price got lower, it was time to add another item to the "Joe army".

To my understanding, this was one of (at least) two releases of this jeep. Another one includes the "Clayton" figure plus some other exclusive animals.

Contents view.

The included "Tarzan" figure.

This is a great vehicle, if you don´t mind using a less detailed vehicle. Over that notion, one may add the HUGE customizing capabilities.

The hood pops open when pressing the front bumper towards the vehicle. Also, the windshield folds down just like the actual (Willys) jeep. On its back, you get a "jerrycan" which is not bad at all... perfectly usable in any diorama or 1:18 vehicle model.

Scale shots with a RAH G.I.Joe figure.

For a clear notion of the scale comparison, this shot illustrates the fact that this Disney line (may) serve some customizing artists.

Status: Unavailable