Sunday, July 31, 2011


From Gulliver´s SOS COMMANDOS line, Terror´s cycle.

Using licensed molds from other companies, Gulliver structered a line which is holding today.

Bad Fire, Terror´s motorbike!

Included accessories. The common set of 4 stickers and figure´s stand and weapons.

Pretty cool change in colors based on Mattel´s Secret Wars´s licensed Gulliver version "Super Heróis".

Friction engine produces sparks!!!

Included pilot. In this case, Gladios, but it varied.

Let´s keep in mind that SOS Commandos was a response to Comandos em Ação, Estrela´s G.I.Joe line. So this was, in the 80s a low cost line which became "legendary". However, the figure´s plastic quality and production was not their best greeting card.

Figure: Gladios, Terror faction.

Driving Bad Fire to battle the Commandos!

Status: Unavailable

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hercules - Xena II Warrior Disguise

A Toy Biz figure from 1996, also called Xena "II", this figure captures the image of its line in a heroic fashion.

Xena is part of the Hercules 5" action figure line

Mint On Card and long out of production

Included accessories. Charkram, Bow and Arrows. The arrows can actually be launched since the bow comes with a nylon string.

Civilian outfit. An overall interesting figure, it reflects some of the limitations of most of the 90s figures. Poor articulation. One closed fist, meaning only one hand can grab accessories.

Xena 2 "in Warrior Disguise" comes with a removable gown, and there´s a common confusion about it. Some call it Xena with removable warrior disguise, making this redish outfit the warrior gown, but on the back of the card it is explained how to remove Princess Warrior outfit by sliding civilian outfit over her head.

Princess Warrior outfit.

The recognizable image from the Xena Princess Warrior series.

Molded after Lucy Lawless, the actress playing Xena.Not bad at all. Some similarities!

Status: Available 4 trade

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A-Wing Fighter w/ exclusive A-Wing Pilot

One of the best paint jobs during the first post 95 releases, including its pilot! The fastest ship in the feet... was not the Falcon, it was the A-Wing fighter! An absolute must for a true fan! 

"The A-wing is the fastest fighter we have, capable of matching a TIE Interceptor in speed."

Complete with box and instructions!

In comparison to the vintage 1985 "Droids" model, this one does NOT pack SFX. It is, however, the same mold and basically with a more "used" look. Outstanding craft!

Landing gear mechanism. Pushing the lever forward, drops the landing gear.

Cockpit opens by pushing the lever forward. A smooth opening, one should add.

Detail shots. Bottom right pictures shows the compartment for the batteries used with the original vintage A-Wing. This "remake" also comes with its place, but with no electronics.

A-Wing pilot. One of the best figures then (1997).

The A-Wing was a great interceptor fighter. Actually, it derives from the Jedi fighters. Well armed (2 concussion missile ports and 360º firing capability cannons ) it is a beauty to fly in Star Wars games.

Trade value: 30€ 

Status: Availablefor trade.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Masters of the Universe 200X Stratos

Stratos, Heroic Warrior and leader of Avion´s Bird People. Relaunched in 2002, the character´s also retouched background kept him as a Master.

Now packing control joysticks for his jetpack and widespread wings, this is a very cool figure!

Mint on card.

The joysticks are detailed with buttons and although they can be removed from Strato´s hands, the jetpack is permanently attached. Most a pitty...

Detail shots. The helmet conception is a nice touch and comes with a firing missile... no need for those hand blasters anymore!

Flying mechanics.

Another great re-design by Four Horsemen Toy Studio. It is said this figure was going to be black skinned, but ultimately, due to design reasons, the concept was turned down and Zodac was the chosen figure to respond to Mattel's request for racial diversity.

Stratos, He-Man´s companion in the battle for Eternia´s freedom from Skeletor´s quest for power!

Status: Available for trade - mint, loose w/card

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Iron (Eon) Kid - Shadow

 A covert-ops especialist from the Iron (Eon) Kid series, Shadow is a rehabilitated criminal who works for the CDF (Government Central Defense Force).

Combat weapons "freak", this character is known to have over 100 weapons. A robot, was reprogrammed after an 18 month pursuit.

Very decent 6" figure, with a great pearl color, has many articulation points. Unfortunately, the hands are not articulated, so there are only a few things one can put inside its big hands.

Accessories: Rotating mechanical whips.

The accessory attaches to its back and when rotating, the front cannons on its chest go back and forth cyclicly.

 99% loyal, sometimes forgets which side he is on and constantly changes. Bad programming!!!

A curious detail, 2 right feet. I´ve seen other figures from this line with the same problem, such as one Violet figure which had 2 left hands. While common, it seems to be random.

Status: Available for trade


Saturday, July 23, 2011

True Heroes Military Figures 2 Pack

 2-pack from Toys R Us True Heroes 2010 military line, and another 2 original figures from Chap Mei.

Much like the previous post of related "properties", new weapons and details.

Like we mentioned before, these figures were probably meant for the never released (as of now) Soldier Force VII line.

 Included accessories.

 Figure 1: Aviation Boatswain's Mates (AB) sort of helmet, a nicely sculpted figure.

Figure 2: Navy S.E.A.L. operative.

Detail shots: Isometric views of some details shows us some evolution and who knows, a future surprise from CM. Let´s hope...

M4 and MP5 new sculpts.

Comparison with old models.

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wanted Action Force/ G.I.Joe commercial!

On air during the year of 1987 in the UK and probably more European countries, the commercial featuring the AWE Striker, Cobra Stinger, Air Defense, Cobra F.A.N.G. and many 1985 figures, propelled Action Force (G.I.Joe) to the top sales spots. Does anyone have it on VHS, at least?

Image from
This flyer used images of that particular commercial. It started with F.A.N.G. flying over a mountain diorama and attacking the "Joes" (Action Force). At the same time, there was a showdown between the Striker and the Stinger. It was one of the best commercials ever... if you remember it, not to mention have it, post your toughts!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Playmobil 3480 - Pirates

As requested, a vintage a classic set from Geobra´s Playmobil. Pirates!

Originally released in 1983, this set as most of others of its time, had about 6 to 8 years of official continuity. In many countries, it was sold for over a decade!

Box art. From movies to their own time, pirates always have their place in collector´s hearts.

Included figures. The most notable feature in this particular set (and release - in Western Europe) is the absence of the green pirate´s hook. Replaced by a common swivel hands figure. Both here and in Pirate Ship 3050, and pretty much any other set which originally included the hook pirate.

 Accessories. Large lot of any and every single thing a pirate would need to be... a pirate! The raft is a classic Playmobil "vehicle". One of the coolest ever. The spring loaded cannon (functional). As many of you know, in many parts of the world, this mechanism was removed due to child safety rules.

 And finally, the loot! Immaculate golden parts (they get sctrached and dark very easily).

Status: Unavailable