Friday, April 30, 2010

The Corps! Bunker Post

2001 Collectors Edition Special Action Squad Bunker Post: Defense Position with firing missiles. These "collectors edition" sets brought some (yet again) new repaints of previous Lanard´s action figures.

One of 4 squad units, this bunker was one of the first stationary sets by Lanard.

 Included items. The weapons vary from old "THE CORPS!" molds to "new" ones. Curisously, most are partial "trace" copies of G.I.Joe weapons, if not complete blueprint tracing

Defensive position, the "Bunker Post". Probably a 4th post to stretch the camouflage net could have been a good idea.

The sandbags look more like rocks. Still, a good touch, the removable bunch.

Included items. The common Lanard rocket launcher and a nice and detailed wood box.

Figure: "Jones". Collector edition version. Same "old technique" of grabbing some figures and small vehicles together and give it a fresh paint and a fresh package. Still works, though. Most (if not all) accessories go along with the rest of the 3 3/4" figure lines, so "THE CORPS!" pretty much keeps their saga alive.

The dirt bike. Similar to an Husqvarna, this bike retired the old road one.

Action shots. Not too bad, very G.I.Joe useful, no doubt. Final thoughts: This "Jones", guy´s been around since the late 80s. A winner. The dirt bike has always been far superior than Chap Mei´s. Scale´s the key.

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  1. Yes, it seemed a tad sad the fact Lanard used the same figures over and over. I like the new ones.


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