Thursday, September 29, 2011

Playmobil 3440 - Tailor´s House

Mint and complete, a rare and valuable collector´s item. The medieval tailor´s house.

Discontinued for more than 20 years, this is a wonderful and beautiful Playmobil release.

Included parts for this set.

Released in 1979, with a great capture of medieval architecture. Geobra´s successful Knight´s line was based on the use of high quality plastic and construction simplicity. Those were the days!

See the date on the building? Original detail. The colors, the opening windows, doors, locks... 10 in 10.

The attic can be furnished too! And that wooden-like plastic is genious!

The smile we all know and love!

Status: Available

Friday, September 23, 2011

True Heroes Fire Rescue Team

One of the big "Chap Mei" sets for 2011 from TRU line True Heroes, comes with 3 of the most recent vehicles and a couple of their new firefighter figures.

A huge box with big vehicles with some very nice features and some with a good dose of originality.

MIB, hit the European market with a price tag of  €49.90 (app. US$67)

Included accessories. 1 firefighter accessories tree and 1 police tree.

Included figures. 2 new and original for 2011, 2 from their previous TRU rescue sets (a repack of Chap Mei´s Fire Rescue Team/ Rescue Squad).

Figure: "Firefighter 1". With a thinner body and rotating wrists it still falls behind the brand new figures from Chap Mei

Figure: "Firefighter 2". With a different head, same body as its above counterpart and all the same features. These are not as detailed as the "vintage" fire squad CM figures, but more realistic as far as 1:18 scale dimensions go.

Fire engine. Using some parts of the discontinued Fire Squad Fire Engine Play Set, it is in fact a lot more basic.

Nevertheless, it has all the must-have features of a firetruck such as telescoping ladder in a very simple turntable, removable ladder, instruments, searchlights and a fire hose. Also included lateral stabilizer system for the turntable ladder.

Removable SFX system. One of the nice things about this is the interconnect ability with the included helicopter (nonfunctional) "lights".

It has the look and size of a decent vehicle but more factory-friendly. The equipment and panels are sculpted and the plastic quality is lower than its predecessor. And no functional water pump! Bottom pictures show both SFX system and simple block assembled.

SFX. Finally, a firetruck horn! (3rd sound).

The rescue helicopter is one of the stars of this set. Based on the Eurocopter EC135, comes with a winch (similar to the ones used back in the first years of CM without the pull down feature). 

box not included
With a cockpit for two and a big cargo area (easily fits a CM wooden box), it has a lot of potential for all your adventures.

Firetruck SFX block installed. Overall, a great design and definitely worth having.

The boat. What seems to be a fishing boat in rescue duty, has smooth lines, good scale and looks fast!

Fits all 4 firefighters, has a water cannon and capture/tow hook. Spacious cabin!

Offroad bike (v.4).

With rotating wrists, it´s a lot easier to fit figures on top of this cool bike.

Of all the new accessories, the connectable mask/helmet/chest piece is probably the most interesting.

Designed to fit any of the new figures, makes the figures more generalistic. They don´t have to carry their equipment everywhere. Plus, you can have a dozen and make them all look different. 


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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pirates Expeditions Fritz and Crockie

Between Pirate Expeditions and True Heroes Pirate Crew figures, an interesting Chap Mei release, PirateS Expeditions. The "official" re-release of the original Pirate Expeditions sets with new colors and a little more...

Where's waldo? The curious detail is the Komodo Dragon with the same paint scheme seen in Jungle Adventure.

MOC, the Fritz The Cyclop and Zebra Crockie repaints.

Included accessories.

Figure: "Fritz The Cyclop".

Interesting pair. A guy with a wooden leg and crocodile...

With the exact same scheme as TRU Pirate Crew figure, this one was released by Chap Mei.

Removable belt with scabbard ring, always a classic!

Zebra Crockie, a return to its original color!

One of Chap Mei´s best. Fully sculpted, no blank areas, just missing an articulation between those 24 teeth... maybe.

5000 pounds per square inch... and Fritz right in the middle!

 Status: Unavailable

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SWAT Police Crime Kombat playset

A nice and balanced set with a Bad Guyz version of SWAT Police Though Vehicle and the cool Pumpkinhead Scot figure.  

Robbing a bank becomes easy with a brutal vehicle and a Police ATV as a challenge!

MIB, this Crime Kombat playset was one of the pieces missing in one of the best Chap Mei Police lines.

Included accessories.

A captured and modified SWAT Though Vehicle.

Featuring a spring-loaded cannon and a lot of great sculpted parts. The cannon trigger in the shape of a skull is a nice detail.

To open the Bank´s vault, it uses a magnet attached to a chain and hook which can be connected to the car.

Central Bank vault.

Police ATV, a solid repaint of previous models.

Overscaled unfortunately. This fits 6" figures perfectly. However, it doesn´t seem to mind Chap Mei collectors. Already 3 models in Police Force theme alone.

Figure: "Pumpkinhead Scot".

Comes with 3 distinctive accessories (plus a holstered 9mm).

Right arm has an extra articulation for horizontal movement. A rare feature in past "vintage" CM figures.

Figure:" Sgt. Stormbreaker".

In this set, comes with a backback with a battering ram with a magnet. Works with Bad Guyz magnet. Probably to avoid bank robbery. Maybe.

It takes some work to get this guy there (open legs), but looks great.


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