Monday, May 28, 2012

Adventure Man Action Figures 6-Pack #2

Back in 1997 there was a re-issue of a series of figures which were around at least for 10 years by then. They were called Adventure Man, although this "team" name was one in many.
Fun Maker, 1997

A slightly different form of these figures were available in France in the late 80´s. One of the figures (not shown here) even had a head sculpt looking like "Billy" from "Predator". This line of action figures came long before "The Corps". However, the articulation was even more limited than this shown here, waists didn´t move (just like these), and the arms didn´t swivel (these do). These 1997 figures were sort of an evolution. Back in the day when G.I.Joe was being hammered by Kenner.

Figure#7 (continued from Adventure Man Action Figures 6-pack #1 review).


Figure#9. For more pictures and G.I.Joe weapons test, refer to Adventure Man Action Figure.


Figure#11. Same body mold as figures #7 and #9.

Figure#12. Same body mold as figure #8.

Some of the weapons were made from G.I.Joe molds. And this 6-pack shared the same exact weapons of Adventure Man Action Figures 6-Pack #1.

 Status: Unavailable

Monday, May 21, 2012

Action Man ATOM Dragbike 5000

Gear it up! 12" Axel comes with a smooth, fast and armed dragbike!

Amazing-looking pair of wheels with all the simplicity of a futuristic bike!

Included figure: "Axel", 12" A.T.O.M. series. Marked 2006 (Hasbro), this line was out in 2008.

Dragbike 5000. Filled with cool "sponsor" markings, runs smoothly and looks agressive. What more do you want from a bike?

Ok, maybe you want a little twist, and here it is. Press down the blue button and dragster transforms into an attack motorcycle with 3 missiles!

And of course, fired by real working spring-loaded cannons.

Beautiful built-in helmet.

Seat down Axel, down goes the helmet, lower the mighty machine...

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Check your gauges...

And off you go!

Status: Available for trade


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dino Valley 3 dinosaur playset : Jungle Wasp

 Back to Chap Mei and their 2009 line of Dino Valley 3. There has been quite a lot of "Little Bird" repaints through the years, but this "DV3" one is very cool! 

I´m not sure if any helicopter of the sort could carry a T-Rex, even a "small" one, BUT, we´ll play along! Always!!! Just keep them coming, CM!

Dino Valley 3 Jungle Wasp set, MIB 2009.

I just love this helicopter camo. Great for winter operations... and rescuing dinosaurs, of course!

Included accessories.

Included dinosaur: T-Rex. For more details, check Dino Valley 3 dinosaur playset : T-Rex

Figure: Dino Valley 3 "Wildboar Max". 

Jungle Wasp. A repaint of Ninja Helicopter, to name one of the originals (with floaters). This is the exact same mold used to create the light helicopter by TRU and their True Heroes line.

Rescued! Good thing T-Rex never grew wings...

Status: Check for vehicles animals and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Secret Wars Turbo Cycle

 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars line was one of the most well achieved. With a lot of figures and some notorious vehicles, which were even copied by other toy companies somewhere along the way, Turbo Cycle would have to rank as one of my favorites! The awesome armored vehicle carries Marvel Super Heroes into battle!

Turbo-Cycle, Mattel - 1984

Featuring Captain America´s colors, there were rumours that one issue included the "Cap", but as far as my research has gone, it seems to be just that, rumours.

Shinny blue windshields blend perfectly with the vehicle.

Pilot seat... sort of. Figure goes belly down.

Passenger seat. Turbo Cycle holds 2 figures!

Push the button to reveal secret compartment! Also, if you observe, as a curiosity, this is a French model.

VoilĂ , the seat tilts and you can store a couple of weapons there.

Front guns. Looking like missiles, they are actually moving weapons attached to the front wheel mechanism.

Battle sound and moving guns are actually the mechanism at work. A "tek-tek-tek" sound and guns move front and back alternatively. Not bad, but maybe a bit too far calling it battle sound.

And the light/ jet intake/ engine cover piece that is missing in so many loose vehicles. Very easy to loose. Stickers are also extremely easy to peel off, as most of vintage Mattel toys for that matter, unfortunately. 

Status: Unavailable

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Madelman 2050 Saurius

Saurius, bio-mechanic for Zarkon´s invasion force!

Saurius was the one who got away... back in the 80s. I remember drooling over the toy shop selling them. His drilling vehicle is a memory to this day, when I thought: "how cool figures with vehicles!" Well, actually Saurius was the only one... And check out how perfect the fit is.  

MOC 1988, Exin. Mine, 20 years later!

All of the included items with this fine blister.

How the 80s were great, even small vehicle such as this one came unassembled with their very own small sticker sheet to be applied.

Underground Drilling Vehicle.

Command console slides down, how cool is that?

Figure: Saurius. Space Bio-Mechanic. Guardian of the underground maze of Ox.

Status: Unavailable

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super-Clim 12 x 12

A truly spectacular toy from the mid-80s, the "electrique" Super-Clim 12x12 is one of the coolest toys I´ve handled in a long time.

Full traction and unstoppable power, comes with a 3 3/4" figure for its cockpit.

MIB, mid-80s, distributed by Barval, Spain.

Included items (figure was a nice surprise inside the cockpit). Note the incredibly cool mountain mold to exemplify the wheels settings.

Hole to connect the metal antenna. Super-Clim 12x12 is not R/C, so the antenna will be left out for review purposes. And to connect it, the plastic will probably be slightly eaten by the metal.

Super-Clim 12x12. Clim comes from "Climent Brothers" (Alicante, Spain). AMAZING vehicle with every bit of it out of the 80s. Or designs from before that. I think of Thunderbirds, or Terrahawks!

Figure: Pilot. A Palitoy´s S.A.S. Pilot knockoff. These were sold in many forms during the 80s and early 90s and even with G.I.Joe knockoff weapons under the name of Actions Men.

Cockpit, using the ISP-6 Star Wars Mini-Rig (shuttle). Looks beautiful!

Great color scheme using a yellow construction vehicle color and that "dark gray" fills in like a charm. Those engine chromes are awesome.

Rear section opens to house 4 batteries (R-14). This baby has not yet been tested, but it must be... definitely!

Rubber tires (obviously) and fine engineering to make this caterpillar roll over the highest obstacles.

And it almost goes vertical. Test Drive will clear any doubts!

The only "if" comes with the direction. It goes forward. Doesn´t turn. But is that really necessary with such a diamond? I honestly don´t care. I just want to see it in action...

Galactic Series. I hope to see more in the future. And you know it, once I do, so will you!

Status: Unavailable