Saturday, October 31, 2009

Robotix 1995 set 1000

Now we start to really show "Robotix". The assemblies here presented today with this set come to show some of the true potential of these sets especially concerning 3 3/4" action figures fans.

The 1000 set, a remake of the 80´s line by Milton Bradley (MB).

Included parts, assembly instructions, label sheet and flyers.

The first "possible" assembly, "Dust Walker". Powered by high-power motor, the legs cross-over and the walker moves forward and backwards.

The 2nd, the "Crater Crane". The engine serves to bring the hook up and down.

And the 3rd, the "Robot Warrior". A "Mech Wars" kind of vehicle.

Also, some other assemblies were pictured to inspire.

Scale shot with G.I.Joe RAH figure.

Status: Unavailable

Friday, October 30, 2009

Robotix 1997 Space Copter

1997 medium-sized set, the Space Copter came with some cool parts.

Known for their teaching concepts and educational purposes, it is not very newsworthy that 90% Robotix space-related vehicles are entitled next to known planets and... star.

Included parts.

4 views. This set came with some nifty parts. The cockpit, blades, wheeled feet... very detailed and robust. These are play-proof!

The black box is named "Power Droid". When activated (+/- according to battery´s correct emplacement) the "rotor" is turned on. There are 2 kinds of motors: High Speed (pictured) and Low Speed.

"Tunnel Borer". Very cool. Rough and Tough! And 12 years before Rise Of Cobra´s moles.

"All-Terrain Sprinter".

"Prop Plane".

Status: Unavailable

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Robotix 1996 Solar Scout

Another medium-sized motorized set, the 1996 Solar Scout.

Yet another set of parts. Nothing too special about this one, but it had a blue "control post".

Parts view. Included a "Special Features C" kit (the engine and rocket set).

Assembled Solar Scout. And "Space Commander" figure(refer to Laser Scanner for more details).

4 views of this interesting assembly.

"Venus Outpost".

"Solar Crawler". I like this one!

"Power Lift".

Status: Unavailable

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Madelman 2050 Tarantula

The "Tarantula". Arguably, the most wanted vehicle in this line. Made by EXIN (better known for their TENTE building toys line and also "Castillos"), these toys picked up Hasbro´s G.I.Joe molds as so many other toy companies. But as some didn´t bring any novelty to the "game", this brand surely did. These figures could interact with the help of magnets. But we´ll elaborate on that when we review their figures.

Rare or rarest, it IS hardcore cool!

The Tarantula between some of their counterparts.

Catalog view. This mean looking vehicle is, in fact, a good guys machine!

Open cockpit. The space behind the pilot´s seat serves as a weapons and backpacks storage. Nicely done. The claws are spring-activated and are very strong.

These madelman figures are slightly shorter than 3 3/4" figures, although they fall under that very same category. As a result, not all joes fit in there, but most do.

This is an absolutely beautiful piece of artistic 80s-toy-design talent! Dated 1988, 21 years ago, a lot of us had a smile because of this "spider". How I miss that era.

Status: Unavailable

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Robotix 1997 Power Claw

The first review of the "medium-sized" sets, powered by a 2 AA battery module.

This was the only (1996 to 1998) set to include the "Claw". A great gadget!

Included parts.

The 4 shots of the main assembly vehicle "Power Claw" (video to come).

3 stages of the claw movement. On a side note... it is pretty powerful.

Another assembly: "Python".

"Hover Claw".

Status: Unavailable

Monday, October 26, 2009

Robotix 1997 Mars Cruiser

The last review of the smaller sets before kicking off the medium-sized sets.

The more I get to see these "small sets", the more I get the notion that these were more "parts expansion sets". Some of the assembly possibilities were simply "fair" to "medium" interest. The parts, however, are very interesting as considered before.

Included parts forming the "main" assembly, the "Mars Cruiser". For more details on the figure, "Space Scout", please refer to "Lunar Launcher".

Finishing the idea started 2 pictures above, this is a big difference (and sales most definitely confirm it) when comparing to Lego. And I´m just thinking "Lego Space", vintage late 70s/ 80s. The parts were a lot more common-looking. These Robotix parts are so detailed and hi-tech, that when they try to make something simple, it turns out looking an exoskeleton of some sort. HOWEVER, when you look at a medium-sized to large set, your own brain crank wheels start sparkling with ideas.

All 4 views of the "Mars Cruiser" assembly.

Another different assembly, "Saturn Speeder".

And finally, "Speed Sled".

Status: Unavailable

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Robotix 1997 Dune Trike

Another 1997 small set, the "Dune Trike".

Included parts. Another set without labels. However, this one had a different color-scheme "Space Commander".

4 views of the vehicle pictured on the front of the box, its main set assembly, "Dune Trike".

Figure: The "Blue" Space-Commander.

Exactly the same mold as the white version (refer to Laser Scanner). This color scheme seems more "dirty space", hence more """realistic""".

Still, I get a feeling of Stanley Kubrick´s envision.

Another possible construction, "Space Bike". My favorite. Since the wheels are square, it holds up pretty good with just 2 wheels. Reminds me of an old Star Wars vehicle I had, the "MTV-7 Mini-Rig". But a "serious" version.

And yet another one. "Dune Patroller"

Status: Unavailable

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Robotix 1997 Laser Scanner

The first set I ever got. I remember looking at it at Toys R Us and thinking : would this fit G.I.Joe... ?
The Laser Scanner was the opening of Pandora´s box. I returned next day and got them all. All they had, that is...

Contents view. This one didn´t have a label sheet. Too small, maybe.

4 views on the main assembly.

The figure: "Space Commander". Same deal as last Robotix post (refer to Robotix Lunar Launcher for more info on articulation and substance).

The mold is different, of course, and all that was said pretty much applies to this one as well.

The Laser Scanner with figure in its position.

Lunar Lookout

Patrol Scout

Status: Unavailable