Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dino Valley Therizinosaurus Chase - Bootleg

With a curious packaging (missing logos and written references) these bootleg versions were taking the market in 2010 probably due to Chap Mei´s current absence in western Europe. 

This box used Dino Velley 2 graphics. This may have something to do with some sort of image rights issues. Who knows?

Included items.

Included accessories. The cactues looks like a Playmobil mold. The bush trees are surreal. Probably taken from small soldiers packs.

Included figures. Hefty Nicky and a mix of Wildboar Max and what seems to be a bit of Trekker Bill.

Included dino: Therizinosaurus. Nice display figure and it even works!

Helicopter. A bootleg version of the real thing. The doors won´t open, there´s no hook nor rotating tail rotor for that matter. A nice touch though - Dragon Hunter brand painted on the doors. Even looks remotely like the InGen brand from Jurassic Park.

Now this is a beauty. It really is. The painting is awesome, the fact is a reliable version of the hardtop original, its only flaw is the poor plastic quality of the chassis. Minor detail and its good for both display and play. 

It was missing its antenna and some top accessory (weapon maybe) when taken from the sealed package. Since this was the only one, there wasn´t any way to know if it is supposed to be so. Probably. I´m very happy with this car, nonetheless. A keeper, definitely.

Status: Unavailable

Monday, October 25, 2010

Xtreme Skatepark modules

 Another approach to the "finger skateboarding" world, this time by Simba, Chap Mei´s European partner.

Like Sbego Skatepark modules, these toys come in the shadow of Tech Deck´s Street Spots sets. And just like any other knock-off example, usually fits the original´s shoes.

Included itemsfor this particular module.

They can be assembled in a variety of ways, to form your ideal set. Not as "classy" as Sbego´s, but equally helpful in your 1:18 concepts.

 Scale shot with ROC figure. It is a great display base for your G.I.Joe ´noks.

Status: Unavailable

Sunday, October 24, 2010

M.A.R.S. Robot - Red Revo

 One of four armed robots, Red Revo comes with explosive flamethrower and 3 removable weapons.

By Happy Kid Toy Group, this M.A.R.S. enforcer has nothing to do with Destro´s industry. But it may serve that purpose... 

With very cool colors, this walking robot can flash its visor, move its arms and head.

3 weapons arsenal, standing 6.8" tall, this multi-articulated robot is the ultimate guardian for any Cobra base.

Cybotronix motorized robot attack patrol unit, code name: Red Revo.

Status: Unavailable

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Action Man Atom figure - Jet-Mech Axel

In 2006, Hasbro produced a new scale figure line for the Action Man franchise, ATOM

 These figures had a paired animated Manga series with moderate success, Alpha Teens On Machines... ATOM. The actual figures do have a Japanese look to them.

Very interesting figure, totally articulated (around 20 points). The line could have used a more lasting life. And a more "mature" number of operatives.

 Scale shot with Chap Mei weapons. Standing little over the 5" mark, these guys look great with the "useless" CM weaponry.

Tailor-made! The included weapons and accessories are very toyish, since the concept revolves around the "human machine". Something like the 80s Centurions.

Status: Unavailable

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Terminator Salvation Basic Figures

Original basic 3.75" figures,one can most certainly say these figures mean business.

It´s great thing most companies choose the 1:18 scale these days. Or at least one line from whatever they´re doing is scaled like so. Everybody wins.

As a side note, I feel I must - yet again - express my opinion about the "detail vs playability" issue on this matter. For the last 10 years, 3.75" fans have shown their customizing potential. So it was without any shadow of a doubt, a question of time until a major company took the hint. And "voilĂ " ... today everybody makes their toys ultra detailed. And consequence/reaction to action... playability suffers.

T-R.I.P. and T-700. The last is a bit bigger in scale. I´m not sure if it´s a ladder kind of concept coming from T-600 to human-size. The 6" line is not done in such ways, so the confusion remains.

T-600. Gigantic when compared to the rest of the 3 3/4" figures from this line. Almost a 5" figure.

The detail is interesting, but that face is just more Frankenstein than scary. 

Barnes. Arguably the best looking figure if it wasn´t for Blair

Marcus. This is the undamaged version. Not much to look at, but solid as a figure, has the removable vest feature like the 6" version for you custom nutties out there.

John Connor. The resistance hero and paired with Barnes, runner for best figure from this line. The pistol fits holster which is always a good thing.

Signs of times... you guys still remember when crotches and thumbs were the problem? Here it´s pretty much the whole figure. But since collectors are the "fat" of the "stat cheese" of people buying these, I guess we won´t see figures made like before... ever again.“hasta la vista, baby”

Status: Available for trade - loose complete as a 6 piece set - US$35

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crossings: Tough old rags

Frozen for decades, the commander of the Screaming Eagles lits up the sky to compensate for lack of warmth.

 Mowing down enemies with his P-40´s incredible gatling cannon, the Sarge turns his Warhawk to the rendevouz point...

His unit´s members D-Day and Dynamite were waiting for 10 long minutes.

Cobra was sighted via satellite and the nearest Joe unit was Savage´s: The Screaming Eagles.

Many times proven wrong, the Brass still doubts of this unit´s purpose and tactics.

Every bit of Joe blood, Sgt. Savage has guts and gut for calling card, and most of his opponents could testify to that.

A nose for trouble, the years spent "sleeping" kept him sharp.

A great shot, even with a "future" weapon.

Some things should never change. And some never do, whatever the decade you live in.

And Cobra´s about to feel just that...


Sgt Savage and Screaming Eagles figures
P- 40 Warhawk
Soldier Force V Strong Garrison Playset

Monday, October 18, 2010

Trading items, conditions and references

 Dear followers and friends:

As time goes by, we get more and more emails concerning trades and available items for sale. Well, while we are still rounding up some more ideas to build up a FAQ, here are some guidelines:  

Available for trade items

Generally, you´ll see items as "unavailable" since they are part of our private collection. These are the pieces you´ll see in more detail as time goes by and new and better pictures are taken. However, there are lots of items to bargain for.

Items marked "available" can be traded for or even sold if you offer the right number. You can also access those items via label "4 trade" to your left under "categories". Constant additions, so keep checking to find that long lost item you need so bad.

Although eBay is turning somewhat different of what it was and should be towards sellers, (and if you use Paypal, that goes for buyers too) we´ll have some items there from time to time and we´ll show which in an appropriate label then.

Items we need

Since G.I.Joe is the backbone of our collection, we are looking for a few parts and accessories. If you need what we got and you got what we need, send us an e-mail and let us know about you.

If you´re interested, please email us for our trade lists in excel format.

References :

Its always important to know who you trade with, and if you want something we offer, you´ll have to send your payment first, wether it is an item or any other form of payment, so eBay activity as a seller may serve as a reference to those who legitimally need it to ease their fears. Our staff member "rod-munch" has been on eBay since April,1999 and 100% positive feedback for over 10 years makes him the perfect reference. If you don´t already know the eBay username "rod-munch"... Take a look

Sunday, October 17, 2010

- Wanted - Chap Mei figures - Update!

Updating our list of wanted Chap Mei figures, we´re looking for the following figures for action shots purposes, so no accessories needed :

Also and not (yet) pictured:

Pirates 1:

Captain Mad Gunn
Orangehead Owen
Fritz The Cyclop
Scorpio Morgan

Stone Age Dinosaurs:

Any and all:


Status: Wanted

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Technical problems to be solved permanently

Dear followers and visitors,

Technical problems caused by our internet provider unable us to securely post any image content today yet again. We apologize for this recurring issue and assure you this will be solved permanently after the 21st of the current month. All is being dealt as swiftly as possible.

Thank you for patience

Monday, October 4, 2010

Star Warrior Blue Warrior

 1996 and one of Chap Mei´s first lines, Star Warrior, was out.

 Officially Sized 5", these figures measured more like 4 1/2", just like Kenner´s Batman figures, for example.

The line had both electonic and non-electronic figures. Some of the warriors had light-up glowing weapons, some didn´t. This guy here had snap-on movable chrome wings which remind me of Captain Power´s Sauron BioDredd character. 

Interesting enough, it features moveable legs and arms... and that´s it. During 2002, Chap Mei created Stellar Force and later series brought again some of these Star Warrior concepts such as the light sword.

Scale shot with a ROC G.I.Joe figure

Status: Available for trade

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crossings: A tiger in trouble

Deep into an uncharted island´s forest, a shadow examines a curious contraption...

What sounded like a combat helicopter engine sound captured the attention of one of many menaces any given place can present.

Thermal imaging equipment shows a definite helicopter silhouette. Similar to the one they were searching for the past 2 days since mission briefing.

Switching to image intensification, the markings are now clear. It´s a G.I.Joe helicopter.

The first part of this sniper/scout team was accomplished. Cobra was looking for Tiger Force for over 48hrs since they were informed of Joe mission on that island.

A tracking mission was about to begin. Vapor 7 is one of the 4 units on this mission. First one to radio in, they must now prepare for what´s next...

Always aware, Tiger Force is not just a fancy-looking unit. A special team has high standarts, even for joes, and when silence is too much, it usually means something´s up.

Recondo capture´s his long-time friend´s signal and immediately checks positions.

On high ground, advanced recon specialist Sneak Peek overseas the operations.

Unfortunately for the Joe team, he can´t be looking everywhere, and what was once there, is no more. And they´re right on schedule...