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Pirate 2 - Kid Croc - Updated !

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yet another one of our 2008 "French" acquisitions, "Kid Croc" is another (living-dead) pirate action figure from "Pirates 2", 2nd series of "Pirate Expeditions". Amazon.com still carries some items such as Lontic Pirate Ray-Zor Sharkie Attack Playset and Pirate Expeditions Island Beast Playset. Get them while you can.

Out of curiosity and as observed before, this set was purchased in France. Usually, the major CM importer there was/is "Carrefour", however this particular set was found in a common toy store and curiously imported to France from Belgium/Swiss "LGRI" company.

Included items for this playset.

Included (and probably giving name to the action figure) was a crocodile mask and a glove. For you G.I.Joe customizers, fits well with Croc Master swamps.

 A brand new and original figure for this series, looks like a Zombie "Zorro" unmasked toy with some big stitches on his face as if he had been a fatal victim of a melee attack. And of course, a nice shirt with "Jolly Roger" on.

Scale shot with a RAH G.I.Joe action figure.

Status: Unavailable

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