Friday, June 29, 2012

The Original Battle Trolls Cap´N Troll

Well, I´m sure each and every one of you has seen a Troll in your lifetime. Many of us has seen a really big lot from a variety of brands and target audiences. The history of these toys is interesting and the story complex, but picking up the "Troll Doll craze", for the boys, The Original Battle Trolls with their 2 year, 3 series lifespan was probably the best attempt from a major toy company.

Basically a girlie toy, since the very original was a high quality home-made doll from a Danish father to his daughter, the markt entries were (and still are) numerous. Of course, as most of us know, big toy companies wanted their share and to make things even more profitable, aimed at both girls and boys.

Thus the "Original" Battle Trolls were born! 3 series, 8 figures each + a couple of repaints in their last year. Disguising the main feature, the figures came with accessories (not shown here, but "Cap´N Troll" came with a spring-loaded launcher, menacing looks and reasonable movement for their purpose.

Figure: "Cap´N Troll". Series 1, Hasbro 1992. "He battles without regard for life or limb. He earned his peg leg after he lost his real one to a tiny, ravenous shark. Received his hook after a tiny ravenous crocodile ate his left hand and got his patch after he tried to remove some dust from his eye... on his very first day with the hook!"

As expected, being a Hasbro product, features above average (for a troll) detail. Of course, a backstory had to be developed as a style too. The company picked some famous personas and trollarized them (terminator, dracula, cyclops and many others).

But in the end, the hair was the calling card and with minimal articulation (360ยบ waist movement) the line did ok. "Big haired dudes... with bad attitudes" 

Status: Available for trade


Monday, June 25, 2012

Galaxy Adventure Girl - Supra with Blonde Hair

While Galaxy Warriors was Sungold "response" to Masters of the Universe, Galaxy Adventure Girl was Sungolds answer to She-Ra... well, maybe. 

Galaxy Adventure Girl Supra, with Ventura´s weapons. If everything we know about Sungold´s Galaxy Warriors applies to the "girls" too, weapons (and even cards) could vary.  

Included weapons. Staff looks smaller than the helmet (Ventura) head version of the figure. Eventually, this one brought a cape too, but this is how this one got here. The enigma remains. 

 Figure: "Supra". The strongest of all good warriors. Supra possesses super strength which enables her to overcome many obstacles. Like standing on its own.

Nicely done action figure (especially for the 80s and for a male/female target).

Head rotates like a Mattel´s Barbie doll (as expected).

1985, Sungold. In case you were wondering if this was a knock-off of a by many considered bootleg line.

Holes for stands and vehicles? Or maybe remnants from the molding process.

Connection of the legs is made via rubber band, a great thing if they ever need replacement.

Status: Unavailable

Sunday, June 24, 2012

More toys on the way!

Dear friends and followers,

You may have noticed a weeklong hiatus in the activities around here. In fact, it was one busy week! Collecting, rearranging and organizing thousands (literally) of toys to come. As it is, there is enough to post for the next 3 years on a daily basis. Purchased and traded around 100 new (read vintage) toys and all of them had to be put in their place. The "shop" now holds around 500 boxes of all you can imagine. And I´m eager to show them all to you guys!

It´s not easy to please everyone (nearly impossible actually), and most of you are into 3 3/4" figures and at best, vintage classics from all those cherished lines that built our dreams through the years. I try to post a lot of different things, but in the end, feedback from you would help in ways you may not even imagine. Of course I love what I do and I hope you guys enjoy great part of it.

From gifts to expensive action figures and vehicles and their command posts, I´ve been posting a bit of everything. But let me know what you like the most, what sort of pictures you like, if you want more videos or closer shots. Or is it ok as it is. There is always room for progress and every opinion counts, so fire away!

your friend,

- mike

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

True Heroes Mobile Squad 2012

New for 2012, the repaints of Chap Mei´s Soldier Force VII (series 7) and one of the coolest, the Sand Snake repaint!

Included items.

MIB, Toys R Us, 2012.

Included accessories.

Vehicle: Sand Snake repaint. The new LSV model from Chap Mei.

Using pretty much all the removable details from the previous model, it keeps the right side clean and empty for weapons and equipment storage. Engine comes down from a 5 to a 4-cylinder, though...

Comparing this new model with the previous, here in Police Force colors.

As you can see, what they did was a new body for the vehicle. Bigger.

And hollow too!

Figure: "SAW Gunner".

Also included, the new great folding tent! For more details, check out the Swamp Pirana set!

Riding the "snake". Figure fits nicely, but takes up half of the space meant for the other one. So you can fit regular 3 3/4" figures there.

Status: Look for available original Chap Mei figures, vehicles and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt

Monday, June 11, 2012

E.T. 1982 by K Toys

Today, the 11th June 2012,  E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial is 30 years old! Just a little older than "The Thing", enough to keep things balanced when some of us looked at the sky back in 1982. E.T.´s image was more prominent, fortunately. So happy anniversary E.T. and terrestrials born on June 11th!

E.T. was my first theatrical experience back in 1982 when I was just 4. Needless to say, such movie had an impact. And of course, I wanted my own E.T.!

So I got one. Mom and Dad didn´t know what they were buying when they got me this rendition. One of the best ever and one of the thoughest to find in working condition, since it has lights in its eyes and finger.

Figure: E.T., K Toys made in Taiwan (R.O.C. - Republic Of China), 1982.

Has a little ON/OFF button allowing 2 AA batteries to power eyes and finger bulbs.

Both feet swivel. And to replace batteries, one or the other had to be taken off to replace the old batteries.

Head moves around too, but care had to be taken, since the wires connecting the blue painted bulbs (for eyes) could break.

"Ouch". The vintage stuff at work!

 Status: Unavailable


Friday, June 8, 2012

Madelman 2050 Karsan

Karsan, Earth´s defense C.O.T.A. men  psychophysics specialist.

To close a Madelman 2050 chapter, the last C.O.T.A. men in this fantastic team. 

Karsan out of his blister. 1988, Exin

Included accessories.

Images taken from the included comic. Every Madelman 2050 figure and vehicle came with one!

Figure: Karsan. Psychophysics Instructor.

For transport, backpack can be rotated to point missile up and avoid any accidents.

Status: Unavailable


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Indiana Jones Grail Knight

One of the TOP10 figures from this line, this Knight Templar protected the Holy Grail in the movie The Last Crusade.

"This Knight spent seven hundred years in a remote chamber in the deserts of Alexandretta, achieving immortality by drinking from the Grail, which he had sworn to protect. Once discovered by Indiana Jones, the Knight stands aside as Indy and his two rivals attempt to choose the true Grail from a table of deadly imitations."  

MOC 2008, Hasbro.

Included accessories.

Figure: "Grail Knight". A nice looking figure, but as most of the line´s examples, a nightmare to stand. They seem to be sculpted in a pre-defined position and anything else we try comes out wrong... and falling.

Hidden Relic: Sir Richard´s Shield.

On a positive note, we can manage to replicate (almost) the image from the movie.

The Crusader´s cape is awesome looking. However, probably so dirty after 700 years it stands on itself...

While the Knight´s head is a work of art, the sword looks like a Scimitar. Not cool.

And a closed scabbard? Come on...

Status: Available for trade


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Spectacular Spider-Man (Techno Wars)

The Amaz... er... Spectacular Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite superheroes. And this is (to date) the version I like the most.

First of all, it has the right color scheme, the right suit markings and looks right! Then, it looks vintage which suits me just fine.

To the best of my knowledge, this particular version was available in 1996 (Toy Biz) in 2 different sets: Techno Wars Anti-Symbiote Spidey and Hyper Tech Spider-Man.

Figure: Spectacular Spider-Man by Toy Biz. Markings state 1995, but both above sets are from 1996. It has a Secret Wars feel to it and I love it!

Now, of course it doesn´t come with open hands closed enough to grip a weapon, since Spidey uses no guns having his own sticky web wrist cannons. BUT, one of the hands is closed enough to grip some accessories. The... amazing thing about this figure other than its looks has to do with the poses it can deliver. Some of those trademark moves. It really looks like Spider-Man!

Of course Peter Parker needs a camera, so Chap Mei to the rescue! And while we´re at it, some binoculars just in case he feels like... bird watching... on top of N.Y. roofs!

Status: Unavailable. Check for Chap Mei accessories, vehicles and animals at CM Surplus Fan Markt