Saturday, July 10, 2010

Soldier Force V Strong Garrison Playset

Probably the "bomb" when Soldier Force V line hit the shelves, the M3 half-track variant model is a must. The rest of the playset was a bonus. A sweet one.

It featured a LOT of stuff. The most recent sets are very poor in that matter.

The presented action alone makes you want to have it. Bravo!

So much stuff it looks like a scene from "where's wally?".

Included items.

Both slide ends and basket.

This looks like a hang. Nasty.

The tower is a re-used mold of the Dino Valley "trap tower" playset and the barricade from a Sentry Outpost Playset.

Rear view. The barricade is a basic hollow mold.

Some details of the tower and transport basket (usually included with Rescue playsets).

Nostalgia... SF/PF "series I" re-used barbwire... and the good old CHAP MEI every-line box.

Small closed cabin helicopter. Featured in a lot of themes, and this is one military version.

If this helicopter´s tail was longer, this would be a classic!

Hook detail. To move the hook up, one must rotate the tail rotor.

Search dog... not bad, maybe that head camera could be avoided.

Still a little too big.

The sniper. The Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle is absolutely beautiful. You can get this figure packed in a set of 5, police force colors:  True Heroes Emergency Hero Police 5 Pack

Front, back.

Another included figure. Chap Mei old style.

Yet another "bruticus" figure.

And since "Barrcode Arrest" review showed us the Police version of this figure, I still stand my vote for best Chap Mei figure so far. Another figure you can still get a set of 5, police force colors:  True Heroes Emergency Hero Police 5 Pack

Front/ back.

Figure group shot. Please refer to "SWAT Police Barrcode Arrest Playset" for more on the rappelling rope ring.

Here we can see the scale of the M82A1 (a "sci-fi" variant of this weapon is seen in the movie "Robocop" as "cobra assault cannon" with explosive rounds).

The Half-track M3 variant.

The wood crates with bombs can be removed from the vehicle.

And the bombs from the crates...

The AA battery can also be removed.

A RAH G.I.Joe figure fits nice. It features L&S F/X.

Stripped vehicle.

Some cool details.

Some more interesting views of this fine piece of machinery.

Joes fit there perfectly. I believe SF V was the sweetest military series Chap Mei ever did. For a lot of reasons. Even their best tank was repainted for this one.

Scale shot.

Comparison shots. With and without load.

An absolute must. Especially if you´re a WWII enthusiast.

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  1. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuOctober 1, 2009 at 3:17 AM

    That half-track, that half-track is simply great! I can see it beeing used by my Joe forces along with the APC. I know it has WWII writen all over it, but still a great one to have.

    The tower is fine, very protected and useful for a kid or a diomaker like I'm. The barbed wire and searchlight can be very apreciate to avoid attackers.

    The AA batery is great to protect the tower or other important military objective from COBRAS/JOES. The figs keep being of a great use as customs or background troops.

    And the pictures Mike, are always great and useful.

  2. I agree with ToneGuns above. And I second his statement: Great pictures!

  3. what i dont like about chap mei. is their guns. its too freaking big for those figures. handguns are in a good size. but primary weapons are way too large. even in Dino valley/Quest...


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