Friday, April 29, 2011

Deep Sea Adventure Manta Ray Marine Animal Playset

 "Deep Sea Adventure - Rescue and Exploration Mission MANTA RAY".

One of the 4 "Marine Animal Playset" packs this line had, this was our very first choice between all those. Not only because it clearly has the most perfect scale related to 3 3/4" figures of them all, but it looks absolutely beautiful. From the painting to the form, to the smooth touch.

Fresh out of the box, the MANTA RAY (largest species of the rays) and the diver (named Dean Octogear in the Rescue Squad theme), come in a very nice (underwater) background image insert.

Playset´s included items. The Ray even has a couple of "Remoras" attached. Remoras, aka "suckerfish or sharksucker or even whalesucker".

Diver and accessories. For further information on this figure, refer to "Soldier Force IV Heavy Combat Boat Playset".

This gigantic Ray (can go up to 25ft / 5000 lb) looks cool from any angle. The first thing that ever came to mind was a diorama with Cobra Eels. I wonder why.

When you press the button, it mimics the swimming motion. Out of curiosity, these big creatures also launch into the air when they surface. Like Sharks, whales and such. Due to their dynamics, whenever they surface, they look very stylish.

...And are pretty harmless to humans. This scale shot comes to prove my "Eels diorama" remark. Although not dangerous, Cobra would sure find a way to make them not only menacing, but deadly. The picture you see on top left is there only to show that this MANTA RAY model has a space on its "mouth" big enough to hold half a RAH G.I.Joe figure, although this animals are open ocean filter feeders.

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dino Valley 3 Blue Fly and Dimetrodon Playset

Series 3 Dino Valley assortment, featuring the "Blue Fly" with fan´s favorite "Dimetrodon" and "Quikgun Wallace" figure.

Having earned international reputation for a lot of reasons, the "Dimetrodon" still is one of the most sought-after dinosaurs from Chap Mei. This is another chance for fans to get one.

The insert and mentioning again, the great "new" packaging method for this year (and hopefully all in the future) . With simple clockwise rotation of the plastic screws, voila... no more crazed twisted cables.

Included items. These new fossil bones are very cool. Lots of applications.

The "mini-apache cabrio" helicopter: "Blue Fly". For more details on this model, please refer to  "SF VI Peace Force Storm Vehicle Playset - Helicopter".

The figure: "Quikgun Wallace". Not referred to while reviewing "Sling Rover", the torso and legs accessories being the mold difference when related to the "original" "Dino Quest Action Figure Playset - Quikgun Wallace".

And finally the star of the set, the dinosaur: "Dimetrodon". Widely recognized as one of Chap Mei´s finest "dino achievements", earns its reputation to both its great molding (and why not say, paint schemes - especially this second one) and rarity. The mammal-like reptile´s name roughly means "two-measures of teeth". A great addition to any dino collection.

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Police Force Series II Deluxe Action Figure Playset - All new pictures!

Time for some more nostalgia and for 2 of the coolest Police Force action figures... ever!

Police Force Series II basically brought the police (S.W.A.T.) van and a lot of packaging variations. Curiously, these 2 figures, although part of at least a couple of playsets, were discontinued.

Included items.

For all you police special forces enthusiasts out there, this night vision goggles figure must be one of the favorites. To present knowledge, there was no name for this one.

Also unnamed, this ´91 G.I.Joe "Snake-Eyes" look-alike is another Spec Ops team member candidate. Also resembles ´88 G.I.Joe"Shockwave".

Items include abseiling accessories and "power weapon" with missile and hook.

These slide smoothly. Great diorama additions.

The parachute. It was made of raw heavy plastic. The backpack was very similar to G.I.Joe´s.

Finally, the climbing equipment was completed with a backpack using 2 hooks. When pulling down the lower hook, the figure would slide up. For those who remember the "Masters Of The Universe" figure "Webstor", this backpack has pretty much the same mechanics.

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dino Quest Helicopter

It finally landed here. One of the few Chap Mei vintage pieces missing around these parts: The light green/ tiger camo helicopter from the Dino Quest line.

2001 still seems recent, but it has been so long and so many Chap Mei vehicles have been created since then. Dino Quest became Dino Valley and it´s already going towards series IV.

In a fairly decent condition, this helicopter now seems more useful when compared to the Soldier Force version. It can either serve G.I.Joe or Cobra´s Dreadnoks for its colors.This Dino version however, comes stripped of the searchlight, side missile launcher and gatling gun.

A small tutorial on how to remove and fix your hook when it gets stuck. Don´t pull it out by force. Get a screwdriver, open the case and it will come off smoothly. Close it and you´re back in the pulling up figures and material business again.

Unfortunately, this unit came with a broken gun emplacement peg. I´m not sure if there was a seat there to begin with, since the Dino Quest version seems to come rather stripped from a lot of stuff, but the peg seems to have been there once.

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


Monday, April 25, 2011

Wild Quest Rescue Patrol Playset - Gorilla

Wildboar Max and "regular" size gorilla in a nice set.

Included items.

Included accessories.

Figure: "Wildboar Max". This was his debut. The"Gnawgahyde" edition. Those who are familiar with G.I.Joe, clearly see the relation to the "Dreadnok Poacher". Those who are not, the relation has to do with colors and accessories used in this action figure.

Pistols included and holster "attempts". Top images show the best option for the best fit.

Animal: Gorilla.

Arms movement action shots.

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jurassic Park 3 All Terrain Dino Trapper

"G.I.Joe" looks with JP markings. Sort of a dream for enthusiasts of BOTH lines, but a nightmare for "Jurassic" purists. An overall good 4x4 per se.

Probably fits "Terminator" or/and "Alien" franchises better, but even so, a nice looking vehicle.

Included items.

Once you attach its wheels... you better forget about taking them out! Hasbro made these to stay connected to the "axles".

Figure: "Billy Brennan". Very poor articulation. Head and limbs (basic movement) and that´s it. Reminds me of the vintage SW figures.

Sturdy and fast-looking. That trap net could be a bit different. And the machine emplacement a bit higher.

Dino-damage door panel and launching stun gun.

Quick-Trap Net systems at work and L&S machine gun detail.

The electronic light and sound system comes off to replace batteries, "leaving room" for custom ideas!

Scale shots with ARAH G.I.Joe figure.

Status: Unavailable

Friday, April 22, 2011

Actions Men Figures - Update!

Back in the early and mid-90s, when G.I.Joe figures popularity was at its highest, retailers had loads of similar (and not so similar) figures. Actions Men was a poor attempt to develop quality action figures. However, the weapons were made of a similar material to those of G.I.Joe and considerably attractive.

Produced by Miniland S.A., a spanish company from Alicante. Each figure cost around 2€ back then.

Picture of all four different figure molds and the weapons referred to. The figures were made of some sort of PVC or rubber a little bit thinner yet not soft. The spirit of the molding resembles the U.K. ´s Action Force. This MAY have probably been a cross between the 2 most popular brands at that time in Europe.

Figure: "Sailor"

Figure: "Marine"

Figure: "Soldier". Also available in "lettuce" green.

Figure: "Pilot"

Close-up shots.

The weapons. A "1987 G.I.Joe Falcon" shotgun copy. And a crazy variation of "1986 G.I.Joe Roadblock" machine gun.

Scale shot with ARAH G.I.Joe figure.

Status: Unavailable


Monday, April 18, 2011

Extended maintenance period

Dear friends and followers,

Following the small maintenance period of 16th through 17th of April,  it was clear to us we do need to work on some interesting matters in order to open up a few more windows of interest for all of our visitors. So, we´ll extend the maintenance period until April 21st.

We apologize for the delay and hope (and somehow know) most of you will be delighted with some of the "upgrades".

Thank you for reading this and until we "see" you again, feel free to go around and through JoMiToys over 800 toy-related posts !



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photobucket maintenance

Dear readers and friends,

A quick post to let everyone know that the reason JoMiToys is missing most of its original graphics is because Photobucket is doing some site maintenance. Photobucket is used to host most of our images, so unfortunately it affects our site.

Hopefully, their work will almost done and you´ll soon get your usual JoMiToys visual appearance very soon.

Thank you for both your patience and your friendship!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Dino Valley Helo Trap Playset

Following the same formula reported in "Dino Valley Winch Tower Playset", this time Chap Mei licensed partner "Simba" also released 2 sets containing the playset parts of a much bigger one.

That bigger one was "Dino Valley Savage Attack Playset", and this is set#1 of that division.

The paint scheme for this helicopter is pretty sweet.

Included items.

Included accessories: Small dinosaur trap.

Helicopter. For more details on this model, refer to "SWAT Police Barrcode Arrest Playset".

Dinosaur: "Dragonosaurus".

Figure: Max Warthog. For more details on this figure, refer to "Jungle Adventure Wild Jungle Playset - Hefty Nicky".

Trap system at work.

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt