Tuesday, April 6, 2010

RG-609 Eagle Winged Helicopter

Before dwelling in some more Chap Mei reviews, I´d like to share with you the pictures of an item I have no clue how to label besides "unknown brand". This was found in a flea market and in the spirit of "all I can find for the Joes", it came to our home base!

It´s an impressive aircraft, and possibly from the late 80s. It has all the common "made in china" details, but it has no marking in that way. So, it´s fairly safe to assume that it is NOT an Asian toy. They pretty much stamp "made in" in everything they do after snatching an original blueprint.

Disassembled look. A big bird with great details and a futuristic, yet very realistic military feel to it.

The set of parts most "A Real American Hero" G.I.Joe collectors will certainly recognize. A copy made out of the 1988 "Skystorm X-Wing Chopper" set. The "honeycomb graphite composite rotor housing" and the "winged x-crossed section air-to-ground anti-tank missile" are clones of the ones used with Windmill´s ride.

Some section shots and a comparison image to picture the customizing possibility. Keep in mind the landing gear while not M.I.A., is not shown in the scale picture, so it looks shorter this way. The cockpit definitely houses two 3 3/4 " figures.

The interior and guts. After a near-decent cleaning job, this looks to be able to run someday... yet again. I have no clue how and what will it do. But the first step will be a deeper cleaning of the metal and pray nothing else is ruined. However, this is pretty much a curiosity factor, since the basic idea is to strip it and customize it for G.I.Joe purposes.

Status: Unavailable


  1. i have a working toy just like this and was wondering if yall have found anything else about it

    1. YES! I got one MISB today and will post soon. Awesome. Come back soon! Thank you for reaching out.


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