Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SWAT Police Barrcode Arrest Playset

Another SWAT Police set, and one of the richest of them. Some very usable items here.

Purchased last Christmas in Portugal, this set came to my attention because of the car, mainly.

Out of the box and one thing lit up the instant I laid eyes on it... this great figure!

View of all contents.

The helicopter. Seen in many paint schemes. This one is the "modern" Police scheme Chap Mei uses.

Some details and scale shots. As you can see, the RAH figure stands there in perfect relation.

The chopper´s hook and "rappelling" police figure.

Accessories included. The vault is also a bank for children if they so decide to put their coins behind the box.

The figure: Captain Deadeye.

It has my vote for best Chap Mei figure EVER. (So far) You can still find one of these packed in a set of 5 through True Heroes Emergency Hero Police 5 Pack

See what I mean?

The other figure, the famous "Barrcode". Included in a bunch of other sets.

The car I was anxious to look at. As many others, looking great, but every door closed. Oh well...

Looks like a "Mitsubishi Pajero" or something in that order.

Besides the scale shots, a note about the holes for the seatbelt.

The jail. Also included in that giant Police Station you can refer to if you search our blog, it´s an interesting diorama item.

Big and strong. To hold your Cobras or Joes if you prefer the mean team...

"How to" break out. And some more juicy details on this slammer.

Scale shots and more escaping action. A great set, considering all that´s included. A real "value pack".

Status: Unavailable

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Police Force Figure Playset - Officer Hammer

Yet another item from Police Force vs Bad Guyz. This Off-Road bike is a great improvement since the endlessly used previous model (bootleg JP version).

The moment I saw this item, the movie "Clear and Present Danger" came to my thought. Police bikes are usually big city "metropolitan cop" models. Big and heavy.

You get a lot of interesting items here. The bike itself is a good catch, the figure is a must, and the rest... well, to the parts container. Hoping to get a 5" line someday to inherit all these guns and items.

View of all contents.

The figure: Officer Hammer. Like I said, an absolute must. The size is a lot more balanced, the shoulders are not as wide as one usually sees in CM universe. As customizable as it could be.

Very nice belt/holster, vest and an interesting detail: The pegs/tips used to hold the belt are now in a "hook" shape. Probably to get it tighter and prevent the belt from snapping out. Maybe.

Hopefully, CM keeps up getting closer... and closer.

This was actually the first CM model considering Off-Road motorbikes. I wouldn´t go as far as dirt bike, but it looks like an old Suzuki DR or Kawasaki KLR or Yamaha XT or Honda XR. The medium weights.

Still too big. What a shame.

Here, it looks even bigger.

Some nice details on a very nice bike. It´s a damn shame about the size.

Status: Unavailable

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Friction 18 Wheeler Oil Tanker

With a cost of approximately US$15, this truck was a tempting item. A must! I believe if you´re a customizer/ diorama artist/ story teller, you´ll need a tanker such as this.

The quality of some (if not most) parts of it is not top shelf, but it really doesn´t matter.

It looks great. And its simple construction is a plus.

Scale shot. You gotta love it.

As you can observe, this photos show you some of the possible angles you can work with.

It looks real enough.

And big enough.

The windshield wipers actually work. Just a minor detail, but it´s important if you want to make this something really good.

Status: Unavailable

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

AB Productions Car with interchangeable parts

Back in 1997, we found this at Toys R Us. Costing something like US$30, it seemed a good investment. And it was.

Following the same line of thought concerning customizable items, this "kit" came to our attention for a couple of reasons.

Number 1, since 1987 we needed a red convertible to look like Heather´s (Zarana). And the convertible version comes really close to it.

Number 2, that truck in "Terminator". Needs some work, but one of the 2 will make this purchase worthwhile.

Sedan version.

Parts included. A HUGE variety. This set included 2 steering wheels, and since the scale is good, it will come in handy. Look at the "rigid" travel cases. They kick ass for smuggling weapons. Or sell them.

The interiors are perfect for this scale. See how the RAH figure fits in perfectly. And they all come out. Seats, doors, windshield, if you want better than this... you can only find it at LEGO.

Light system. When you push the shift handle, it lights up. Pretty neat.

Status: Unavailable

Saturday, September 19, 2009

BUDDY L Military Hum-vee

Back in 1994, "Buddy L Inc" tried this one for size. Very few Hummers were out there and the demand was high, since the H1 was a very popular HMMWV (and still is) and particularly, and most importantly, needed to be joe-usable. Some brands used the CM mold, some improvised, invented. This was one of the latter. Interesting enough, this "model" has some of the looks of the Humvee used in "Rise Of Cobra".

When G.I.Joe RAH was dying in 1994, many collectors and enthusiasts like ourselves, were searching everywhere for anything useful. This truck/ humvee/ 4X4, was one of many examples of our thirst.

As you can see, the scale was close enough.

The buttons activate sound and light systems.

Some of the cool looking angles this vehicle achieves.

The foot peg was a definite hint.

The piece size couldn´t be more precise. Convenient.

The interiors are basic, but you can fit 4 joes in there.

The scale is pretty much accurate in there.

Top view. You can customize away.

The plastic used is play-proof, as it would be expected from Buddy-L.

Back seats. Overall, and considering the era, it was a nice addition to a joe army. However it is pretty heavy, but once stripped of all the electronics, it may come out a lot lighter.

Status: Unavailable