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Friction 16 Wheeler

Status: Unavailable

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Cobra Mole Pod

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Playmobil Catalogs and Promos

2009 marked the arrival of the Egyptians and Pyramids. Romans and more!

 Portuguese/Spanish version of the 2009 catalog.

A very complete booklet, following the post-2000 models.

 However, the French version was even better, considering the centerfold section. The complement articles extra catalog! Great! This service is a collector´s dream.

A little back in time and 2004.

The small late 90s booklets.

Late 80s and early 90s.

Western box (Fort Bravo) detail.

 Late 70s comic book back cover.

 Status: Available for trade

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


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Let us know what you think about this blog, what needs to be done. A lot of effort was put into this site, so go easy on us :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

About the "categories" labels

Currently, there are way too many visible labels on your left. This is due to the fact we haven´t yet reached half the stuff we planned on bringing here for you to see. Once we come to a point where we have all the possible brands here present and therefore an idea of how to arrange all tags/labels in a way they can fit in drop down menus, they will. We apologize if you feel stressed about going all the way down and up looking for that right name... however... it can be fun. Or you can use our search engine. Nevertheless... having so many labels also means there are still a lot to come. Its not all bad news. Thank you for reading. And keep on collecting! Enjoy the ride.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Premiere in Portugal

First and foremost, we would like to thank our good friend Irene L. for making this happen. Thank you so much for your kindness. We can´t thank you enough!

Having satisfied our hunger in France, it was time to really enjoy the ride...

"Evil was never so tempting"...

Last night we got to sit back and REALLY enjoy the ride. Man it was fast, funny and loud. And pardon me, my french friends... in english it is a lot better. Maybe that´s why it was filmed in english... one can never know... :)

"Are they Joes?... ..."They´re Joes...!"

If your thing is action movies, you don´t know what you´re missing... if you like G.I.Joe and you haven´t yet seen this movie, go see it... "and that´s an order"!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back from France with "Rise Of Cobra" in our bag


Yup, it was worth the trip. Too bad we couldn´t get the playstation game, which was not yet available, but the movie was a pleasant surprise. G.I.Joe - Le Réveil du Cobra ("the awakening of cobra"... which was not a bad translation at all... a lot better than Portugal´s "attack of cobra"). Keep in mind that the French use an audio track in their native language, and the portuguese use subtitles.

But on to the full review of the movie...

"The movie just ended, moments ago, and having travelled from Portugal to France to watch the movie which would only have its premiere a week later in Portugal, as a dedicated and unconditional fan of G.I.Joe, I feel pleased (even with audio in french). The details, the dialogues, the atmosphere, everything fitted in the world hasbro created decades ago. Small homages are caught by the watching fan. The scenes with the supersonic Cobra Night Raven are a highlight of the movie, as the so longed for duel between the "Storm Shadow" and "Snake Eyes" ninjas.

The expectations were high, so were the stakes. Director Stephen Sommers knew it and took it with courage. Having Larry Hama (the original storyline creator) as a consultor, proceeded to some character and storyline changes, in the sense of globalizing “team” G.I.Joe which to that moment was a north American reference. In a time which iconic characters conversions to the big screen are common and as requested as criticized, the movie could be better, could be worse, but the important thing was that it was not ruined in terms of storyline and credibility. And it wasn´t. Those who remember the action figures and have present their childhood with their fantastic vehicles, will love it. Loaded with action and scenes although not memorable or oscar worthy, are visually impressive. You can perfectly tell “The Mummy” director´s hand on this movie with more explosions than a Michael Bay´s film. When interviewed, he referred that on one of the most original pursuits in cinema, at some point the record of car wrecking on a movie was broken. One can´t tell the passing of time, since Stephen Sommers delivered with the promise of pace. With a casting formula similar to Star Wars having Dennis Quaid , the action movie veteran leading the international organization and Marlon Wayans (Scary Movie) in a not so usual hero part, and some other recognized names serving as anchors, the actors do not disappoint and the story doesn´t lose.

To the generation between 30 and 35 it’s a movie which will bring nostalgia. To those who are a little younger than that, some memories. To all others, a lot of fun. Keep in mind that this movie is widely based on the action figures universe and their world of good and evil sides very defined, with the villains taking the world for ransom and the heroes saving it. It´s a not a serious, deep movie, as it´s not ridiculous.

With fight scenes reminding Jackie Chan, in technique and comedy, it´s an action balanced film. With humorous moments, some drama ones and even a little romance, the nearly 2 hours of movie are everything rather than lost. Not being an excellent movie, and contextualizing it in its gender, maybe average, it’s a good matinee flick.

Whomever wants a popcorn movie and have a little fun, won´t be disappointed. They will probably even google about it when they get home."

Yo Joe!

Miguel Pinto Lopes

Friday, August 7, 2009

Opening Day

Following one of the most expected moments of a G.I.Joe "a real american hero" fan´s life, we decided to make this blog public on this great 7th of August, 2009. Official "Rise Of Cobra" premiere day. Although already screened and reviewed by many in as much countries, this is the long awaited for day! And for us, concerning this blog, is also a great day. Hopefully, lots of new friendships, new trades, new ways of seeing old toys will happen here! Enjoy, and be part of this. Yo Joe!

PS: We couldn´t wait any longer, and being portuguese and knowing we´d have to wait 6 more days for the premiere... we´re leaving today... destination... France! See you in 4 days!

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3803 Stagecoach

Status: Unavailable

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