Thursday, November 16, 2023 back in 2024?

Good morning Soldiers! 

Recently back from cryo sleep, looked around and there are hundreds of posts to be made. You guys wouldn´t believe how much stuff is piled around here. You wouldn´t know because honestly, I still don´t believe it too. How is it possible? Anyway, the last decade brought a lot of tools for so many people to start showing off their toys and their views, I´m not sure if this project is still remembered or, in a way, welcomed back at all. And since Google is cleaning up, I felt compelled to revisit this site and, pretty much ask the community. So here it goes, leaving it up to you guys. If you say yes, 2024 will bring JOMITOYS back, if not, it was fun and the 3M+ views made me proud to play with you guys. 

So let´s do this!

You want back in 2024? Comment, use the form and say yes, no, that will do!



Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

To all friends and... well, friends:
May your basket be full of blessings (read - toys -) this Easter.

Actually, as long as you have your health and food on top of your table (or under it) and so do your friends and loved ones. Happy Easter!