Thursday, September 30, 2010


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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bravo Team U.S. marine Cpl. Mitch Hagerland

With a totally different head sculpt , this SAW gunner  is prepared for mine fields.

Uses "Bravo Team U.S. Army Cpl. Bret Heinrich" body mold (except for the head) and all his tools of the trade.

Color scheme is different than the Army counterpart.

Included accessories.

Plus points for the different head...

...minus for its sculpting. Could look a little better. But still great. Not a doubt.

Status: Unavailable

Monday, September 27, 2010

Crossings: A new fish

After the extremely delicate and detailed operations for Moray captures during the late 80s, the Joes managed to equip their special "Tiger" and "Night" forces with fully operational units.

Without the enhanced capabilities of Cobra pilots, the vessel showed limitations at the hands of G.I.Joe´s best trained pilots. It was clear the Joes would lose any face-off with any Cobra Moray.

With several and deep structural changes, the hydrofoil changed into a high-speed infiltration attack prototype.

Keeping the hull and the silhouete of a Moray to deceive enemy positions, it was given all sorts of armor, weapons and electronics material.

The result, a fine piece of equipment in the struggle against Cobra´s one pretension: Rulling the free world.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Corps! Assault Vehicle - Patrol Boat

A late 80s vehicle from Lanard, whose review here has been in pause due to the absence of one part.

The part is still absent, but I figure you guys want to see this nonetheless. Moreover, I have no memory of ever having that part in question, and this vehicle was acquired MISB.

One of Lanard´s greatest creations ever, the patrol boat has the features of the conventional military toys "golden age".

The jet ski detached to patrol ahead and the depht charges can be launched from the other side.

.30 cal emplacements. Really awesome looking. Also (not) pictured, the missing part, the grenade launcher. You can see the support in the middle of the boat behind the engine. Strange things do happen, and it could have been sold without it, although I seriously question it. Probably around somewhere.

 If you want, you can take the top off and customize the basic boat. This is, like already said, one of Lanard´s top notch vehicles. A classic from the late 80s, early 90s.

Status: Unavailable

Friday, September 24, 2010

Crossings: Airspeeder

M.A.R.S. industries prepare to unveil their new project.

Being prepared for years, it will revolutionize the world yet again...

The Contrail Z-38. An atmospheric vehicle.

State of the art technology allows this craft to hover over soil and water. Using heated repulsorlift drive units, it can operate under the most extreme of conditions.

Its high powered afterburners punch it to speeds of approximately 1000 miles/h making it the most powerful repulsurlift unit driven machine known to man.

Another problem for the Joe team.

Captain Powerjet XT-7

G.I.Joe Rise of Cobra Destro

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Captain Powerjet XT-7 : All new pictures!

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future was a syndicated 1987-88 sci-fi/action television series that ran for 22 episodes. A toy line was also produced by Mattel, and during each episode there was a segment that included visual and audio material which interacted with the toys.

1988 XT-7 Jet
The first interactive toy and game for the series was a toy XT-7 jet with a video cassette. There were three tapes in all. "Future Force Training," "Bio-Dread Strike Mission," and "Raid On Volcania." 

Included items
The tapes had openings and closings in live action with the cast of the television show. The actual mission itself was animated and took place in the jet cockpit from the first-person point of view of the pilot/player. Players would hold the toy jet and face the screen.

Capt. Jonathan Power - "Master of the incredible 'Power Suits,' which transform each soldier into a one-man attack force."

The toy was actually a sort of light gun that responded to signals from the television playing the tape. The more the player fired at appropriate targets on the screen, the more points the toy jet would rack up. The more times the sensor on the toy jet got "hit," the more points the jet would lose.

Upon reaching zero points, the cockpit would eject automatically. The XT-7 also could interact with the live action television broadcast in the same manner. Since the "game" was only a VHS tape, the missions played out the same way all the time.

Blastpak 1200
"Power On" platform which one could plug the Captain Power figure into and whenever the transformation was triggered on screen or the base was fired at by one of the other vehicles, the toy would immediately trigger the "Power On" sequence causing the chest of the figure to glow.

- in Wikipedia

An incredibly great Joe custom basis, this set can still be found for a decent price on the web. I strongly suggest you find one.

Power on!!

Status: Unavailable

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crossings: Radio Silence

Cobra Island: Maiden flight of Cobra´s new reconnaissance aircraft codenamed Night Boa.

Objective: Manoeuvrability test above Armstrong´s line.

Systems check before a wild ride.

The airplane shows potential and a sonic boom is heard somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico.

The mission will now go below 60.000 feet...

Wild Weasel´s song.

X-Men The Movie X-Jet
ARAH G.I.Joe1986 Strato-Viper
ARAH G.I.Joe 1984 Wild Weasel

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bravo Team U.S. Army Capt. Drew Masters

 Featuring over the top sculpting, Bravo Team claims a place in 1:18 best military toys parade.

Using a sort of mold-mix, Unimax created a line of fully-articulated near-model action figures.

Included items for this package.

Included accessories.

Figure: "U.S. Army Capt. Drew Masters". Reuse of Frank Segura´s entire body mold.

Action shot: manning the 30 cal.

Status: Unavailable

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wild Arctic Mammoth Transporter Playset - All new pictures!

Mammoth Transporter. Works for the purpose and for the size of the vehicle. Featured in Crossings: Polar Rescue.

The box itself is gigantic.

Included items. Mammoth inside the transporter. The vehicle is long and wide, but still, the giant fits by a very small margin.

Included accessories.

Animal: Mammoth. This was the first appearance of this animal. Long before the Stone Age line. Featuring SFX. Activated by pushing the trumpet down, just like most of CM elephants and mammoths.

Transporter: This vehicle is basically the same designed for the Wild Quest 2 line, Lontic Wild Quest Giant Gorilla Rescue Playset except this does not have the closed cage and a has a mammoth instead of good ol´king kong (interesting how chap mei´s staff considered flooding the market with those "monkey" sets when Peter Jackson´s King Kong was out. They did the same with Indy IV. Thing is... CM knows what to do, and that is a fact).

Action shots. Crane working, and I must say its applications are endless. The driver´spot has enough room but not too much. It´s looking good.

Figures: This time around, there´s no reference to the figure´s names. If anyone has purchased any set with any references, lmk. As for the yellow-jacket figure, refer to Wild Arctic Preservation Mission Playset for more details.

Figure: All orange jacket and pants figure. The holster is a detail worth mentioning.

Status: Unavailable

Friday, September 17, 2010

Crossings: Polar Rescue

A Cobra Stinger unit radios for help, a vehicle was left behind in need of recovery. Mustn´t fall into the hands of the Joes

Quickly dispatched, a Snow Serpent unit arrives on the scene. Timing was crucial, and their vehicle, although of mammoth size, has powerful engines, and rescue operation begins.

Using the crane, the Stinger finally gets on top of the Cobra Ice Mammoth.

A snowstorm approaches, therefore stealth can replace speed. The snakes prepare to move.

Under escort, the large vehicle starts the powerful engines and in 20 minutes, the Stinger is secured.

Wild Arctic Mammoth Transporter Playset
1985 G.I.Joe Snow Serpent figures