Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Remco Warrior Beasts - Wolf Warrior

Another fantastic line from the 80s, Remco´s Warrior Beasts had some curious characters. However, Wolf Warrior is probably the most sought-after figure of the entire line... well, of the original 9.

Following The Lost World of the Warlord line, these Warrior Beasts came as the villains, or so it´s said.

Included accessories: Pelt vest and sword. While the sword came with other Remco figures, the Pelt is absolutely unique of this Wolf Warrior. And a reason to make it even more valuable. It´s already hard to find the figure but with the vest...

Figure: Wolf Warrior. 1982 Remco N.Y., DC Comics Inc 1984

Considered a high quality knock off, this line comes under the shadow of... you said, Masters Of The Universe. However, set apart on a high note.

Great head sculpt on a body that was used to create a couple other characters.

But... I can´t stop looking at how cool it looks with that wolf pelt.

Just Amazing!

Status: Unavailable

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dino Valley 2012 Therizinosaurus

Today we´ll have a look into this giant lizzard set from Chap Mei, the Therizinosaurus. A 2006 Dino Valley original recast, comes with one of CM´s new DV figures... and little more. No harm done, since these sets are generally sought after because of the dinos. So...

We´ll also get to see a comparison with a bootleg "therizinosaurus", with a curious variation. So without further ado...

MIB, Chap Mei 2012

Included accessories. The snap off arsenal, "Small" version.

Figure: Unnamed figure 1. Again, these DV´12 figures came in different colors, same body sculpt, different heads.

Dinosaur: Therizinosaurus. Medium-sized, and other than the holes in its lower limbs to fit the plastic screws which replaced those awful cables... pretty much the same we saw in 2006 from DV2.

Action button to mimic the forelimb claws movement which was in fact to scratch the grounds for food for this herbivorous animal...

These boxes came with an interesting background that for those who like papercraft may be a point of great interest.

Now an interesting point regarding bootlegs (foreground). This knock-off version comes with complete claws, instead of the typical Chap mei broken one from the right limb (background).

I already had posted a while ago a set with this specimen, and it actually comes very close to the original. Peculiar.

Status: Unavailable


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dino Valley 2012 Helicopter

Another of the twists and turns for the 2012 line of Dinos from Chap Mei, this set comes with a repaint of a DV vehicle, plus a couple reissued dinos and a brand new figure.

The helicopter mold has been present in almost every CM line up to this point. A beauty, too.

MIB, Chap Mei 2012

Accessories. The cage is one of the finest Chap Mei creations. Copper in color, great in size. The accessories tree is the common case with great pistols, which falls just a bit behind the originals from Dino Quest.

White Deinonychus (DV3 Sneaky Tweak) and juvenile Velociraptor. This 2012 version has brighter eyes.

The "new" 2012 helicopter. Comanche-style from previous Dino Valley series.

Vehicle: Comanche-style Helicopter. Holds one figure. 2 non-working side cannons, one searchlight and opening canopy. The present half...

Comparing with its predecessor, it has a more balanced color, although the fact the older model has grey instead of white makes this variation a reason to have both...

Great design...

Figure: Unnamed figure 3. Other than the head and chestplate color, the same mold of the previously seen figures from this 2012 line. Now, an important factor. Don´t stress if your CM figures come with feet, legs or any limb like the one above. Some REALLY hot water (below boiling point)....

... and you´re golden.

Status: Unavailable

Monday, January 7, 2013

Madelman 2050 Falcon

Zarkon´s Sinister Intergalactic Command Space Ship  

Another spectacular toy from the 80s, this Zarkons vehicle is another reason why the era is so cherished by all of us.

MIB 1988, Exin.

Half-assembled vehicle, sticker sheet, parts, comics, and even a quality control document.

And ready to attack Hombres C.O.T.A.!

Not only amazing for itself, this vehicle´s parts can be used with other vehicles to form amazing new inventions. Snap on, stay on sort of mechanics.

Claws open and close to catch figures and serve as landing gear. A complex system in high quality plastic.

Ready to fit Serpion, star pilot!

Interactive force changes the alien faces into human face-masks when they assume command of the vehicle. Neat!

Solar reactor, active missile launchers and the powerful claws are but a few weapons of this fast moving attack ship.

The Zarkons are coming!

Status: Unavailable

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013, still no flying car?!

So the world didn´t end. Again. Yet another reason to celebrate and keep a bottle somewhere for all the events to come. For that toy you finally got or you finally discovered and you seemed to forgot. We have a lot coming, and I´m sure we´ll always have. Have a great 2013!