Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wild Quest 2 Rescue Action Playset - Gemsbok

Another set from the already extinct Chap Mei toy line Wild Quest 2 Deep Expedition Rescue Mission. A very nice carded version, especially the chosen colors. Fresh looking and much more appealing than "Wild Quest" pale boxes. Back then, you could almost mistake them for G.I.Joe vs Cobra packs until you got close to them.

As its predecessor, also presenting the "Anti Poaching Patrol" patch. "Save our endangered animals".

 Included items. This action figure playset came with a lot of stuff, considering the size.

 Included accessories.

Figure: "Wildboar Max". Gnawgahyde paint scheme.

The endangered animal: "Gemsbok". The paint job on its head is absolutely amazing.

 Scale shot with Hasbro figure.

Status: Unavailable


  1. love the wild quest series, and while the sable is not endangered, the carnivores in this series got to have something to eat right?

  2. Luís "ToneGuns" Galileu TonelliApril 26, 2010 at 2:11 AM

    The best part for me are the acessories. The pistols, revolver and a great camera. What a set of acesories.

  3. As it turns out, the (Giant) Sable Antelope is a rare subspecies of the Sable. That´s probably why Chap Mei did this. This is larger sable and if the carnivores in this series take a bite, they may eventual end up with a bruise :)

  4. Luís "ToneGuns" Galileu TonelliApril 26, 2010 at 11:29 PM

    The carnivores can't win always, right? It's a nice species to see 1/18 form.

  5. I believe the reviewer is right, the (Sable) Antelope is a quite rare subspecies. Good animal figure.

  6. That is NOT a sable antelope. That is an oryx, specifically a Besia or Gemsbok. Though they are both hippotragus antelope the oryx has a much different appearance than a sable.
    If you search sable antelope and search oryx you will see.

    Sable bulls are glossy black with crescent shaped horns, some brown on the ears and shins. They have striking white markings on the face and belly/underside.
    Non-breeding or young bulls are a duller brown to dark chocolate.
    Cows are tawny to chestnut or dark brown with lighter brown to tan on the legs and ears with somewhat straighter but also curved horns. The horns are shorter.
    In some subspecies the brown can be almost tan of the cows and young, in others the cows can be almost as dark as the bulls.

    Oryx species vary in colour from the white with black markings of the Arabian, to the white with chestnut of the Scimitar-Horned. The Besia and Gemsbok live in different parts of Africa but both have a creamy coat with black markings.
    Oryx have long, straight horns- only the scimitar-horned have a curve similar to the sable but their colouration is nothing like the sable or this toy.

    It's a beautiful gemsbok oryx toy(though the horns should be straighter) but it is most certainly not a sable antelope!!

    The Giant Sable Antelope (Hippotragus niger variani) is indeed critically endangered. They are found in Angola.

  7. When you´re right, you´re right!

  8. If they ever do make a sable antelope I would be in heaven!

    In fact I totally have to get this gemsbok! I went looking on ebay last night.

    There are about four of us in North America who specialise in sable antelopes in terms of behaviour and captive care and being one of those I love to see anything sable related. Or have an excuse to talk about them!

  9. That isn't a Sable antelope you dingus, its a GEMSBOK. This is what a Sable antelope looks like this

    1. Done! Took a couple of years, but... thanks!


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