Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bad Guyz Attack Machine Playset Motor Whike

"Whiking" is a concept combining two sports; bicycling and sailing. However, this vehicle is motor-equipped. So that the (Bad) guy won´t run out of propulsion.

I basically try to get one of each vehicle Chap Mei puts out there. And they have to be Joe-usable in some way. This was one of those cases.

Either for its whole or simply to use as parts fodder, this is a good and capable item.

The whole set assembled.

Interesting concept. Kind of a G.I.Joe "M.A.N.T.A." meets Dreadnok Cycle.

Some details of interest. Note: The missiles are very hard to take off. They seem to be made to stay there for show. A minus. The plus note goes to the engine. An 8 cylinder. With that thing there, the sail seems to be there simply to hold the missile launcher, grenades and "Bad Guyz" logo.

The figure: "Foul Play Nick". A repaint of previous "Quest" lines. The weapon, however, was a (then) new SAW machine gun. Too bad it was 100% too big.

A nice paint job, especially the tattoos and the "Adam and the Ants" face make-up.

The figure fits perfectly in the vehicle. The throttle and joystick handles are firmly gripped and the guy looks made for the job.

Scale shot.

In this case, with a G.I.Joe figure, you´ll need some customization to fit it perfectly. But the main thing is already there: The balance between vehicle and figure scales.

Status: Unavailable

Friday, July 30, 2010

Deep Sea Adventure Giant Creature Playset - Squid

The "Giant Squid" playset. I apologize for this "bad habit" which is comparing some items to scenes or vehicles used as props (or characters) in movies. Having this apology accepted (I hope) I refer to the 1998 movie "Sphere" where dreams/nightmares came to life due to an "alien" craft finding at the bottom of the ocean. "Sammy" L Jackson character (Dr Harry Adams) was afraid of squids mainly because of the "20.000 leagues under the sea" novel. And all they dreamed, materialized.

The first playset I ever found containing the "Chubby Rover" suit I was "hunting" for so long.

Out of the box for display. For a detailed review on the "Chubby Rover" deep sea diving suit, please refer to "Deep Sea Adventure Shark Katcher Playset".

For the last 10 years, Chap Mei has dedicated a lot of their effort to the monsters, dinos and animals. This is another fine example.

Without being particularly excellent, it does its work as a frightening Giant Squid.

Some details on this "sea monster". It moves the tentacles when you push the button. Has some details all around it. Nothing extraordinary, but very decent.

Scale shot with a RAH G.I.Joe figure.

The figure: "Alex Aqua" repaint with "wet-suit". Interesting scheme. Strangely, this playset comes with no accessories for this figure, hence making him stick to the deep sea diving suit.

Status: Unavailable

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jungle Adventure Jungle Trekker Playset - UPDATED!

Although the vehicle has 2008 date markings, it only hit European shelves in 2009 with the "Jungle Adventure" new Chap Mei theme. A somewhat mysterious, yet predictable missing part of Wild Quest/Adventure Heroes link. European price in dollars: US$30

When you first look at it, you can´t help but wanting this truck. Suchlike the Indiana Jones Cargo Truck. At, seller "constructive playthings" has an available lot containing some parts of this set and numerous other. It may be worth the look, and it seems a very good bargain: Jungle Adventure

The map can be taken out the perforated cardboard insert (just like the SF VI Peace Force boxes detail). I believe this was a smart move since dioramas are such a constantly present thing nowadays and Chap Mei intelligently takes advantage of it.

Contents view. And you still want that truck bad! However, one starts to think it may be a little big.

Weapons/accessories plastic tree. A small remark on the plastic quality in these. It has gone down. However, we seldom get to use them (apart from the backpacks), so it´s not really a problem. And to play with - which is supposed to be the main goal of toy brands - it´s probably better, since it is a softer material.

The cage. Previously used in Wild/Dino Quest sets. Medium size, and customizable for diorama use and other applications.

The figure and animals. A cheetah and a monkey. Whilst the monkey has a decent size, the cheetah looks like a transformer ready to turn into something.

The monkey, what seems to be a Squirrel Monkey, I believe.

The cheetah. Very nice looking, it even has that cool wild feline sound when you press the button... however...

... Oops. It´s overgrown. And not just a bit. Even for 5" figures it seems gigantic.

The figure. "Skinny Bones McButt". Also another re-use of previous Wild/Dino Chap Mei sets.

Finally, the truck, the "Jungle Trekker". Apparently based on the Corbitt Model 50SD6 cargo truck, but missing a pair of wheels.

Detailed enough, not extensively, ready for hard play and with a nice surprise/twist. Not only you can take off its soft (hard plastic, actually) cover and look at its personnel carrying benches...

The cover turns into a camp tent. And this may very well be the most accurate and usable (in terms of 1:18 scale) part of the whole set. And I don´t write this with a smile. I had high expectations for this truck.

Top shots: The benches are just the right size, as you can testify while looking at how the figure´s knees bend 90ยบ and feet touch the truck´s floor. Just perfect...
Bottom shots: While there´s hope when you compare the figure outside the truck (some military vehicles are really, really big), when you look at how the figure sits, you just think "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and "Short Round" driving the car.

A shame. This truck really looks good.

Status: 1 MISB available for trade

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stone Age Dinosaurs figure playset w/ Animal - Diatryma - Bootleg

 Yet another reason to bet on some bootleg sets sometimes.

Diatryma with "Brooder", another first!

Contents view. That Triceratops skull looks like the Alien Queen.

Included accessories. The claw is actually a Brooder accessory, but the skull mask originally belongs to Grunter while the wings go with Aeroscar. The club is a more general weapon for some Chap Mei themes.

Figure: "Brooder", bootleg version. As you can observe, a well done figure.

Included animal:  "Diatryma". Not as good as the figure, the PVC is way too soft in the legs, making the figure unstable. The regular bootleg issues.

Scale shot.

Status: Unavailable

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stone Age Dinosaurs figure playset w/ Animal - Ichtyosaurus - Bootleg

 A more "realistic" pair, the Ichtyosaurus and the caveman.

These packs do look good. And amazingly appealing if you´re a die-hard CM collector.

Included items. Like the original "Caveman Playsets", comes with a lot of stuff.

 Included accessories. Funny how these are not the accessories Chap Mei paired with respective figures, but these are bootleg, so...

Figure: "Grunter" bootleg version. Sort of MOTU "Beast-Man" kind of guy.

Animal: "Ichtyosaurus" CM bootleg version. Very, VERY similar to the original.

Action shot: Fishing!

Status: Unavailable

Monday, July 19, 2010

Stone Age Dinosaurs Wild Jungle - Bootleg

 Slowly but surely, here they are - The latest Chap Mei creations bootlegged!

A Stone Age and Wild Jungle package graphics mix!

As time goes by, these obscure "manufacters" get better and better. One of these days (not far from now) you´ll have to check for the CM markings to distinguish the genuine. These are very good.

Not including all accessories when compared to the genuine release, these pack some greatly achieved copies. All accessories are neatly done and almost impossible to trace as knock-offs.

The variety is considerable, and I wouldn´t stand surprised (nor would I mind) to find some of the big playsets...

Status: Unavailable