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Dino Valley 2 Mega-Hauler Playset - MEGA UPDATE!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

At about the same time the Soldier Force missile hauler showed up, there was this Dino Valley version. Dino Valley focused on dino capture (rescue) and transport, rather than hit them with missiles!

This also marked the beginning of CM Dino figures collecting. Sort of. Figure names and beautiful box graphics.

Big box, big vehicle, big set. A lot of parts. And Dinos!

Now this is a real MEGA playset!

Accessories view.

Inside the crate, more accessories!

Included dinosaurs.

Dinosaur: Parasaurolophus.

Action view.

Dinosaur: Pterodactylus.

Dinosaur: Oviraptor.

Dinosaur: Spinosaurus.

Action view.

Great sculpt, fine paint job, a great monster!

Harness for the big ones.

 Although surreal thought that 2 men could grab such a being.

 But those cables are connectable to vehicles. And Mega-Hauler can ease down any dino!

Included Figures.

Figure: "Max Warthog".

Figure: "Bob Ranger" (is there´s any relation to "Ranger Bob" from the 1996 movie - The Rock - ?)

 Figure: "Skinny Bones McButt".

The Dino Valley 2 "Mega-Hauler".

The truck. An armored vehicle with great design based on the M26 "dragon wagon".

Comprising a working light.

A real big one.

The semi-trailer. Big enough to transport vehicles to battle... or in this case, Dinos.

Looks pretty awesome. The ramp is nicely detailed. A great vehicle as a unit or parts.

Connection detail.

It may be true the "Soldier Force" version is "cocked, locked and ready to rock", but this one is definitely not behind in any way. Command Jeep with helicopter not included.

The only found flaw has to do with the (lack) of opening doors/hatches. A little more "mobility" on that end would be appreciated. Big cabin holding just 2 figures + a standing one. Manning the turret.

13 x 3.3 inches room. (33cmx8.5cm).

Many cool details and place to stand figures. It may be difficult to move this baby around, but it´s a spectacular vehicle to serve as a playset.

Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt

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