Monday, January 30, 2012

Bootleg Toys: G.I.Joe Extreme Inferno

Long before the awaited for return of the 3 3/4" figures, Hasbro launched G.I.Joe Extreme. A much debated issue, I´ll just focus on the bootleg version of Inferno I picked up during the late 90s.

Bootleg, MOC, late 1990s...

Figure: Sky Stalker Squadron Leader, code name Inferno. Impressively similar to the original, the paint job gives it away. Smells like it is... a bootleg! Would probably fail the first quality control. Nonetheless, an impressive copy.

Included accessories. Another remarkable copy in terms of looks.

However, when trying to connect the weapons to the figure, the handle broke. Quality, a definite minus...

Also, the backpack´s peg won´t fit into the figure´s backpack hole. Tank works, and the "flames" do come out.

All things considered, it´s a curious and well achieved copy when back in the day in Europe (and after Sgt. Savage major fail) it was virtually impossible to find Extreme figures. Extreme times, extreme measures. Nowadays, a sign of time and a mere curiosity for the wall.

 Status: Available for trade


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Unknown figure: Covergirl

Today a treat for G.I.Joe fans! Try to uncover this... Cover Girl

Markings: Hasbro 1983, Made in Hong Kong. Similar to Agent Sparta, BUT no Estrela markings, instead... Hasbro. Also, one of the boots does not have the green paint, and it´s not fade out, this figure is minty mint. Gloves are pinkish. Anyone?

Status: Unavailable

Friday, January 27, 2012

Indiana Jones (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

Kidnapped by Russian agents, Indy is taken to Hanger 51, the US Government´s top-secret military installation, where he is forced to help search for a mysterious artifact that can unleash incredible psychic powers. 

But using his whip and his wits, Indy fights his way to freedom, determined too keep the mysterious artifact out of soviet hands.

Without his hat, Indy´s head mold is from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is considered to be the most accurate Harrison Ford´s copy.  

MOC, Hasbro 2008.

Figure: Indiana Jones. While having an interesting look, and in fact the most overall likeness of Ford, the articulation was poor. It´s very hard to get Indy to perform most poses.

Included accessories.

For a Ford figure, and from these angles, looks a bit like Ralph Fiennes. Included RPG (rocket propelled grenade) has a nice look, but the used plastic... well, makes it look like a snake. This was the problem (and still is) with Hasbro´s recent figure sets. Nice figures, nice concepts, but weapons and accessories should be made from hard plastic like they used to. 

This is more like it! You can clearly see Harrison Ford here... and his typical expression. Nice work. Not perfect, but close enough to recognize.

And of course, the Hidden Relic, The Dagger od Atreus.

Status: Available for trade


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bootleg Toys: Another unknown figure!

 Well guys, after the success of last "unknown figure" post, I decided to yet again reach out... and hopefully get your help! Who might this guy supposed to be?

It got here with a huge lot of G.I.Joe and other action figures by the end of the 90s. It reminds me of Remco´s Sarge Team & The Bad Guys but with poor leg articulation. The figure´s weapons are probably around once I get a hold of any clue...

The only markings are on its butt, "China". Anyone knows who this guy is or where he´s from other from China?

Not too bad for a Bootleg/ Knockoff! Hands seem to be made for round weapons/ accessories handle.

Status: Available for trade


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Indiana Jones with Horse

 Yet another fantastic pack from the superb movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

From his saddle onto the cargo truck carrying the Ark.

MOC, 2008. Hasbro.

Included items. A greatly articulated steed and Indy to ride it!

Horse with removable saddle.

One can manage some realistic poses. One of the best horses for 4" figures on the market.

Figure: Indiana Jones. With sligthly open legs to mount.

Jacket can be partially removed.

Included accessories.

Whip fits onto gun belt.

... And revolver fits Indy´s hand like a... well, a gun.

But what´s with Harrison Ford´s head sculpt? Other than that, a very impressive set!

Status: Available for trade


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

True Heroes 2Pack Military Figures

A small entry just to keep this going and present a re re re... REissue of previous series Soldier Force  figures. Sort of strange when TRU can count on the SFVII molds now. But, I can only imagine how many of these bulky figures they still have in stock to start inventing color schemes.

Figures: Major Macintyre and Col. Hawk (Stewart repaint) now with a G.I.Joe Flint look and both in desert fatigues... not bad.

Status: Available for trade

Monday, January 16, 2012

Indiana Jones Dr. Henry Jones

From one of the best Indy movies, one of the best Indy figures, Jones Sr.!

Unbelievable detail for a 4" figure, with pretty much all you could ask for!

MOC, 2008. Hasbro.

Amazing Sean Connery sculpt. Keep in mind its scale, 1:18! Wouldn´t it be great if the glasses came off?

And what you know, they do!

Included accessories.

And of course, hidden relic! Wich one could it be?

The Holy Grail, of course!

Figure: Dr. Henry Jones. Simply wonderful figure with great details.

Removable suit, or part of. Even so, and without it, looks golden.

Not a man of conventional wars, Dr Jones Sr. comes with a Parabellum.

Umbrella comes off the case and it´s ready to bring down any nazi fighters! Too bad it won´t open, but that would be asking a little too much.

Hasbro´s line has many wonderful figures, but this one has to be a top 5 at least. 

Status: Available for trade


Friday, January 13, 2012

Identity found! - Pamela Love

While cleaning some boxes containing a series of different toys from different lines, I came across this fantastic horse. However, to this day, I had no information about it. Thanks to an anonymous contributor, I now know. This beauty belongs to a line of dolls. Yes, you read it right! And which one? Pamela Love... the Barbie-like line. I´d never guess!!!

The closest I ever got to identify this figure was Remco´s Lost World of the Warlord figures. However, those didn´t come with this saddle or red rug. And the painting is different. The mold lines, however, seem to be the same. 

Its body came to show this was probably not a knock-off. This is scaled to be mounted by He-Man sized figures. Such as Remco´s Lost World of the Warlord.

Fine work. Looks 80s. Transparent glass(plastic) eyes.

Saddle comes off.

Another clue I thought, maybe western?

No brand markings, just a "5" probably from the mold number.

It´s a beautiful piece, no doubt. And fragile too, since the "velvet" skin over the plastic seems to need very special care.

And here´s the proof! Sport-Holiday box. These horses could be found in all 3 colors independently. Case closed!

Status: Available for trade