Saturday, April 10, 2010

WoW Wee - Mini - Robosapien

For all those who never heard about this pre-WALL-E era bot, and this guy´s v.2 look, ROBOSAPIEN was a dynamic motion toy. And call it a toy may (to some) be somehow offensive...

"Robosapien™ is a sophisticated fusion of technology and personality. Loaded with attitude and intelligence, Robosapien is the first robot based on the science of applied biomorphic robotics." ... all very nice but about 10" too tall to use. And THEN... along came this "little guy".

With the same actual original look, this is the 7" version of the big 14" multi-functional mechanized "buddy".

Here, you pretty much do everything the original bot does, but considering the purposed we purchased it for, it is perfect.

Hands and arm movement. Look how the palms seem to incorporate a weapon or light.

Scale shots with a RAH G.I.Joe figure. Suitable for either side, you can create havoc in the midst of Cobra forces, or make it the motor pool heavy cargo lifter for the day...

Status: Unavailable

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