Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Road champs MXS World Dirt Bike with Rider - Update!

We got another rider today, so we couldn´t help but to show how cool these toys really are. "Real Riders! Real Moto Sounds!" Jakks Pacific, 2007. The "upgraded" models include real life riders models like TRAVIS PASTRANA ROAD CHAMPS ACTION FIGURE SUZUKI RM MX MOTO

Check them out side by side ! Curious detail: "Non-replaceable batteries included". So what happens when they run out?

 Featuring removable helmet, fully articulated rider, working suspension and even real moto sound effects, it doesn´t really matter if you´re into the MX world, it rocks!

These are all 2007 riders, does anyone know how many there were? All these riders pack fantastic MX helmets... which ARE compatible with most G.I.Joe "helmet-head" sculpts.All toy sets include triangular stands. Keep in mind these are competition bikes, without kick-stand.

Considering you get a real close 1:18 scale bike here... and probably the best looking one too, your Dreadnoks motor pool will never be the same! It even rivals Maisto! Jakks Pacific´s website still has the "Wicked Rivals" 2 packs with great extra accessories. 

Pressing down the dirt bike seat, you activate the real racing sound. Keeping the seat down, will produce a continuous one. Gear shifting and all!

Ok, let´s forget I used to own a couple YZs and TTRs. If you´re a fan of whatever sport or whatever action done by a racing dirt bike, you´ll love this little thing.

The rider. Slightly smaller than 3 3/4", has a decent number of articulation points... how I wish Chap Mei figures were just like this one. The helmet is fantastic!

Scale shot. Check it out!

Highly recommended!

Status: Available through Amazon.com


  1. Luís "ToneGuns" Galileu TonelliApril 4, 2010 at 1:39 AM

    The bike looks more in sale with the joe than his original rider.

  2. These are good collection of dirt bike apparels,parts and bikes.These will be a good birthday gift for young children to play with.
    Road champs are up there. Just keep it up.
    For apparels ,
    Answer Racing

  3. Interested in the #56 oneal, where can I purchase one

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