Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Star Wars Imperial Shuttle - UPDATED!

The 2002 Star Wars Return of the Jedi Imperial Shuttle was one of the most eagerly expected vehicles. A large... wait, LARGE vehicle with a great repaint and no electronics.

  The Imperial Shuttle is a Lamda-class shuttle used by the Imperial fleet to transport cargo and passengers. Many government officials prefer them because of their combat-worthy construction and large interior space.

Hasbro, 2002. A later re-issue included 2 figures. Emperor and Royal Guard.

Absolutely beautiful ship with stunning similarities to the models used for the movies.

 It is usually too big to be displayed with wings down, but if one can manage it, it makes an even greater impression.

The shuttles are outfitted with weapons, which allow them to travel without escort, thus preventing Rebels from determining whether a shuttle is transporting mere cargo or import officials.

Equipped with hyperdrives, Lamdba shuttles are capable of transporting passengers or materials between different fleets and star systems.

 Canopy opens and has room for 2 action figures. Ramp folds down.

 Features adjustable blaster cannons, tail gun and removable side panel reveals cargo area with a lot of room!

 One can fit a lot of figures here! Rebels or Imperials!

Press trigger button to open wings, landing gear is retractable.

Figures are not included in this issue, but this shot had to be taken!!!

Status: Unavailable

Monday, July 30, 2012

JoMiToys on eBay - rod-munch leading the way!

Dear followers and friends:

As time went by, we got more and more emails concerning trades and available items for sale. Well, since it´s always important to know your seller (as it is your buyer), we decided to open a link to eBay for all the available goodies and parts. Hopefully this move will please most if not all. And that´s what JoMiToys is all about, pleasing our guests, followers and many friends we got along this journey.

Ready for some auctions? Visit our listings here, or use the top left logo at any time. Remember we´ll be listing regularly, so be sure to keep an eye out for your favorite toys! Also, if you seen anything here at JoMiToys you wish to catch on eBay, drop a line, we may well please you by listing it!  

Want to know more? Take a few moments to read the guidelines and FAQ.   

Are all JoMiToys sets/items for sale?

No. JoMiToys is NOT a commercial website. It is not sponsored or endorsed by any brand here present, its associated logos, all character, group, and figures and vehicle names and their respective likenesses are registered trademarks. All other material is a copyright of the copyright holders. It is a collectors site for collectors reference. 
However, being a private project where honest people do their very best, we can tell you where to get them, and when some surplus items here become available for sale, there are lots of goodies to bargain for. At the end of each post, a Status message will appear. If they´re available, AVAILABLE will be on and a link to the auction/buy now on eBay can be followed.
Remember, constant additions, so keep checking to find that long lost item you need so bad.

Can I buy directly from you?

No,  according to eBay policy, “eBay doesn't allow links to non-eBay sites or content where other items are offered for sale. “ So, in order to get you our selection of really nice stuff, you must be an eBay user and bid or “buy now” on eBay.

Items we need

Since G.I.Joe is the backbone of our collection, we are looking for a few parts and accessories. If you need what we got and you got what we need, send us an e-mail and let us know about you as a seller, we´ll be checking out your eBay store!

References :

Its always important to know who you trade with, and eBay activity as a seller may serve as a reference to those who legitimally need it to ease their fears. Our staff member (and project leader) Mike "rod-munch" has been on eBay since April,1999 and 100% positive feedback for over 10 years makes him the perfect reference. If you don´t already know the eBay username "rod-munch"... Take a look

Where do you ship from?

Portugal, Europe. Although we are a team of collectors, designers and toy enthusiasts, we decided to choose this country as a base for our collection and that´s where the available items we post on eBay go to you. Naturally, European buyers will have an advantage since S&H fees inside European countries are smaller.

Do you ship Worlwide?

YES we ship worldwide. International customers are responsible for any & all customs duties/taxes/tariffs. We have nothing to do with this, so do not leave us negative feedback when or because YOUR country taxes you. We are also eBay users and this is a problem one must face when buying overseas. We do not hold sellers responsible for taxes, and we expect the same fine treatment from our buyers.

How much will my purchase cost me?

Shippin and Handling is the common expression, but we don´t usually charge for handling at this point. Unless a particularly sturdy box is needed to ship your item(s). Quotes will be available at each auction.

Other than that, it´s all about total weight and the destination country. Here is the postal package (from under 100g to 2000g) price table as of 2012:

Over 2000g (2Kg) another table is used and prices MAY differ for each country. 


3 Kgs (105.8 oz or 6.6 lbs)

France: 28€
UK: 22 GBP
USA: US$58.70
Malaysia: €67.75

More details:

Portuguese Postal Office website.

More questions? Shoot an email 


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Soldier Force V-22 Osprey - UPDATED!

Found in Amsterdam, Holland (The Netherlands) back in 2007, due to packaging complications I had to leave the box behind, hence the post´s title lack of accuracy. I can´t remember the playset´s name and that IS a shame. Because I have never again seen this anywhere. V22s yes, with a big primate, NO.

So that makes it a very peculiar playset, and the only time I remember the big gorilla being included in a Soldier Force  action figure box.

Included accessories. Not much to show. The hooks and net are basically a common element in big Chap Mei helicopters.

Figure: "Captain Red A-6";

 Figure: "Lieutenant Cooper - Tank Commander".

The V-22 Osprey . Chap Mei edition.THE ABSOLUTE HOLY GRAIL. A beauty however you look at it. 9 out 10 CM collectors tell me how much they want it, how much they need it. The new True Heroes AB-115 Shark is a spectacular ship, but this V22 still holds the crown.

This toy is absolutely great. Similar enough to the real Bell-Boeing aircraft, it´s filled with all that military 1:18 scale figure fans love.

It even folds up like the real aircraft!

Like most Chap Mei vehicles this size, comes with sound and light effects. 

Battery compartment is located behind the RESCUE door. Pretty cool idea.

The 2 Rolls-Royce AE 1107C engines are very well depicted.

And what do "Joe" fans love? Everything a big and detailed air transport with personnel and vehicle capabilities has. Well, maybe not all, but most do...

Not sure if it has room for 32 figures (floor loaded), but it has a 7x4 inch floor, 5" high.  

Completely stolen fame, little attention may be given to this little (and included) great armored mini-tank.

A TOW missile launcher and great little details. One of the best small armored vehicles from Chap Mei!

Giant Gorilla. Still very sought-after these days.

Scale shot for comparison. A really big primate. Imported from the Wild Quest series.

Nicely articulated, a 9 1/2 inch tall figure weighting over 700g (25oz).

Figure: Giant Gorilla. Includes sound effects when arms move. It can beat on its chest or move its arms in the air. Either way, sounds activate (powered by 2 AA batteries).

Status: Unavailable

Friday, July 27, 2012

Iron (Eon) Kid - SteelJaw Jack

Over 100 years ago in the early era of Robots, the legendary hero Eon made ​​use of the tremendous power of the Iron Fist to defeat the unstoppable General. Now the evil has returned and the legend persists that the fist of Eon exists somewhere.

Armed to its teeth with "his" missile launcher cannon, SteelJaw Jack!

MOC, Famosa /Playmates in association with BRB international, 2008. Spanish version (Iron Kid card).

Included accessories.

Figure: "SteelJaw Jack". A robot created by Doctor Chen who currently sits atop the government's most wanted list as a hired mercenary. He is an accomplished fighter and has no match in the government forces.

Though he overpowered Marty when he was sent to bring Ally back to the Iron Tower, SteelJaw Jack is defeated by the boy in their rematch. Drives a silver convertible which resembles an Aston Martin.

Spring-loaded cannon fires 2 missiles!

Cannon (and ammo) fits inside case.

1930´s mobster look, pretty cool!

Humphrey Bogart-looking too!

Status: Available


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Medieval Kingdom Castle (front version)

After Legends of Knights, Chap Mei came up with a new Medieval line (instead of keeping the previous name for the series). With brutal monsters like Kronox, Cyclops and Grasper, came a revisited castle. While the really big curtain wall version will hopefully land here soon, the next best thing is the entrance version...

While the series name may have been changed, the sides remain the same, with the same kingdom colors: Dragons (now led by Lord Draco) and Lions (led by King Leo II).

Medieval Kingdom Castle Entrance Playset, Chap Mei 2011.

All new figures, horse and a newly coloured castle gate.

Included parts for the castle (and the recent plastic tree concept of weapons rack).

Included figure accessories.

Just like in other recent CM lines, weapons come off and the rack can be kept for whatever purpose one may find.

Included figures with this set. 1 King, 1 Lord, a magician, a monster and a crossbow soldier.

Castle front. Draco colors. Curiously, lighter than King Leo´s castle!

Castle entrance back. Not very impressive, but we must keep in mind it was developed to include side walls. And this is a whole different set.

The best way I found to show this playset was to compare it to the Legends of Knights version, since it´s the base model for this Medieval Kingdom version. Starting with the box, this one is somewhat smaller. However, the previous one had a catapult included so the box was naturally bigger.

Left, King Leo´s castle from LOK, right Lord Draco´s castle from MK. Leo´s castle had an extra tower defense weapon and 1 extra catapult. The shield plaques could be "broken off" by catapulted stones. The MK version includes a dragon plaque (or coat of arms) that is firmly attached to the wall.

Right, King Leo´s castle. Again showing more detail as it includes a gate for holding prisioners inside its dungeon. Also, has a removable battlement piece which actually fits the most recent version of the castle. Naturally, since it´s the very same mold for THAT tower. Other differences, minor. Color mostly.

The winch tower shows a definite difference. The spiked looking crenellation is no more, looks melted or affected by erosion or battle. Cool-looking, actually. If you have both castles. Gate has minor differences, a couple of holes for defensive arrows and plain color.

Bottom, MK castle (Draco´s). The connections for the side walls of the bigger version are visible. And here we can also (and better) see the color difference between the two. The cuts on King Leo´s wall are the dungeon gate´s connections.

This castle seems to be inspired (at least in color and coat of arms) by the small excuse for a keep Knight Magnus had. Now led by a Lord, the "Dragons" had to see their home enhanced.

Included with this set came a new war horse. At least, with new saddle, armor and covers. Beautiful heavy-weight worthy of a King!

While the horse was the same used for the previous models in LOK, it´s really interesting to watch Chap Mei´s artistry on this one. 

King Leo II (left) horse and King Leo (the I, I guess), right.

Figure: King Leo II. If this is a second version of LOK´s King Leo or if it´s a second King of its dinasty making this figure a whole new one, it´s uncertain to the best of my knowledge.

With a golden armor and golden weapons, riding a fierce heavy-weight to battle!

Figure: Lord Draco. While Knight Magnus had a black war horse, Lord Draco´s steed is the two-headed dragon Kronox.

Looking menacing with included LOK mold weapons.  

Figure: Crossbow soldier. May have a name, but the box doesn´t picture it.

Moves its arms and waist can be rotated to point its quarrels to target. Also, a nice detail: the bolts quiver with the dragon coat of amrs.

Figure: Turtleblood, the Kingdom´s magician. 

With a lightning bolt hand, also includes a transparent orange sword and staff. Neither of them are fluorescent...

Figure: Minotaurus. Last but certainly not least, the included monster. Superior sculpting but minimal articulation (waist, shoulders and head). Axe comes off the right hand, but molded onto the left. Typical...

Status: Check for vehicles, animals and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt