Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Masters of the Universe Man-E-Faces

Another fine modern "Masters" figure fully capturing the feel of its vintage image and even enhancing it.

One of the most popular characters of the original (read vintage) adventures, comes back in style with its 3 heads/personalities.

 MOC, 2003.

Included accessories.

Very close to the original model in color and form, this figure greets the modern style of doing figures and ends up as cool as the original was 20 years before.

3 forms: Human, Robot and Monster.

Finger on the trigger, ready to fire the spring-loaded hand cannon!

Ready to break stuff!

The permanent look of Perkaedo if it wasn´t for He-man and the Sorceress.

Status: Unavailable


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Turtle Party Wagon (vintage)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vehicle of choice, present in numerous franchise episodes, and in the classic form!

Later reissued as a 25th anniversary special treat, using the original wagon mold.

Remember the Turtle fever? I remember Vanilla Ice and his go ninja, go ninja, go... well... the 90s... 

A very basic toy, with all you needed to get your mutant ninjas going. A Playmates edition, and an expensive one too. Note that some of the stickers are misplaced.

A lot of fun details, no doubt. A toy to be played with.

Rocksteady figure not included
Armored windshield down and van closed...

And there goes Rocksteady... Spring-action foot tenderizer! At the same time, 2 whacko bombs roll out as the turtle-plated flip top opens!

 Inside, one can fit up to 6 figures or as they say... "even more if you squish´em". A very basic look, but functional. Cool live colors, smooth hinges and that´s pretty much it.

Status: Available for trade


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Masters of the Universe He-Man

By the power of Grayskull!!! Eternia´s champion and one of the most cherished characters of all action figure history... He-Man!

 Great has always been a common word when reviewing these modern series figures. Can´t say the same thing about the center character. Of course it´s a simple figure as it was decades ago, thus a bit hard to elevate it to the same ground of most of the other remakes.

MOC, 2002.

Included accessories.

He-man looks like a He-Boy. But that has probably something to do with the cartoon series and franchise path/plan for the "modern series". However, considering the look of all opponents and allies... He-Man should have had a more mature look... and a deeper rethinking of the outfit. Still, a good figure.

As far as accessories go, I was a little disappointed with the new Power Sword. And it sort of connects with what I was saying some lines back. These accessories would look great with a modern, really modern He-man look. While the figure itself keeps the Barbarian look, the weapons were modernized. The sword looks more like the Cosmic Key than the Sword of Grayskull.

And I became He-Man... the most powerful man in the universe... Whack!

Status: Available for trade


Friday, October 14, 2011

Masters of the Universe Buzz-Off

One of the most inspired works by Four Horsemen Toy Studio is Mattel´s Masters of the Universe modern series Buzz-Off. Spectacular detail of a curious figure that finally comes to life after two decades as a maggot (by comparison).

I must admit I loved the vintage Buzz-Off figure. Better put, I loved the concept. But after the 200X version came out, I stand in awe.  

MOC, 2003.

Included accessories.

The detail and insect look is a beauty. "Buzzy" here almost looks a Sectaur now without his mask on. Ball joints allow its wings to move.

The shape of Buzz-Off´s legs and all-around sculpt work gives him a top spot as one of the best remakes for this line. And then again, most of them are true works of art.

Spring-loaded staff shoots the flame missile!

The head sculpting is big league.

Don´t mess with the Buzz man!

Status: Unavailable


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Transcendence Witchcraft Knight - Orange Tiger

A White Fangs knock off, from Chap Mei´s Beast Raider line.

The original Beast Raider Chap Mei line was created under the shadow of the modern Masters of the Universe line, is nothing but a theory, but this animal may be one of the main reasons.

MIB, a bootleg from 2009.

Accessories for this set. Look very good and considering all the bootlegs and originals we have been seeing here, bootlegs get the upper hand when it comes to this sort of accessories. These are not soft PVC, look great, sculpting is very close to the originals, and for custom purposes probably superior. Look great with modern Masters of the Universe figures.

Bootlegs have an advantage that goes beyond the lower price. Why ruin a perfectly collectible Chap Mei original when you get the same results with a lesser being?

Removable saddle and shaffron with great details and lots of potential for other custom projects.

Included figures.

Status: Available for trade.

Look for available original Chap Mei figures, vehicles and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Masters of the Universe 200X and Knock Off accessories

Yes, it may be a doubtful decision to produce toys which look exactly the same as the originals. There are patent issues, consequent rights infringement and all law suits that come with those decisions. We, as consumers are not the ones to blame, even if we buy whatever we find that we can use. Mainly, because they are cheaper, as sometimes look just the same... or close enough. Is it piracy? I´d like to know from all of you. In the meantime, some interesting results when "crossing" collections.

Witchcraft Knight was a Beast Raider KO, most of you know that. As the originals, come with huge weapons for 1:18 figures. But try Masters of the Universe (modern or vintage) and you´ll get some top notch results.

Some say Beast Raider (and consequently Witchcraft Knight) was created to profit from the 200X MOTU lines. It´s only fair we try something different...

Perfect scale. And the KOs are made from rigid plastic, great to paint or chip.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Masters of the Universe War Whale

 A He-Man vehicle from the 200X series, features thrashing tail, crushing jaw, missile launchers and an exquisite look: the War Whale!

With a nice balance between modern look and vintage colors, this vehicles comes together just nicely.

MIB, 2003.

Smooth and elegant, He-Man´s ride comes in a mix of vintage and modern success formula. The colors, as stated above, keep the vintage feel and the bionic look and fine details finish the job. Nicely done.

Included, 6 missiles for the spring-loaded weapons.

Weapons array: 4 spring-loaded cannons, crushing jaw and thrashing tail. Pushing the vehicle forward activates both jaw and tail movement. There´s a trigger under the vehicle to achieve the same results since Skeletor´s forces move around fast, "water" and "air" are common battlegrounds!

And since it´s a He-Man ride, let He-Man pose! Choper-style! 

Status: Available for trade


Monday, October 10, 2011

Legoland 6660 Hook and Haul Wrecker

Another visitor´s request, a small yet fun classic from Lego, the Hook & Haul Wrecker!

1989 near-mint original!

With working 4-wheel suspension and tow hook!

"Wrecker" was a cool tow truck. Simple construction, moves smoothly and those springs make it even more fun to move around.

Details. A Lego fan favorite, for sure!

Status: Available for trade


Sunday, October 9, 2011

True Heroes Troop Transport

A military variant of Chap Mei´s Jungle Adventure Jungle Trekker, this set comes with 6 soldiers, of which 3 are from Soldier Force VI

The cargo truck now comes with a desert camo and a handful of accessories. A curious mix of recent to vintage parts.

MIB, 2011.

Included accessories. Not pictured, the weapons for the included figures.

Left to right: Sgt. Husky, Sniper, Private Coldsteel, Sergeant Sharpblade, Sergeant Jackal, Colonel Green Hornet.

Based on the Corbitt Model 50SD6 cargo truck, (missing a pair of wheels) just like its Jungle Adventure counterpart, it is somewhat a bit too large for most modern 1:18 "life-like" figures. For 1:18 toys, it does just fine.

Removing the camouflaged "soft hard top" turns this vehicle into a flatbed. The rest can be used as a tent, barracks or command post.

The whole playset is worth it. You get 6 figures (3 from SF series 7), a military truck to move them around and can even use the soft (hard) top as a command base. The vehicle runs smoothly and over most common obstacles, plus it has a cool camo. 

Status: Unavailable