Sunday, November 29, 2009

G.I.Joe The Rise Of Cobra Nightbird w/Aero-Viper

It is with a great sense of joy and "fulfillment" that we present here today the "Rise Of Cobra" movie Night Raven (box) variation, the "Nightbird" with its pilot, "Aero-Viper", also a variation from the US market "Air-Viper".

I still can´t believe this "baby" landed here. I still remember our search in France for this particular item. We were hitting the stores there last summer for it was announced "released" in a couple of retailers. For our misery, that release had been postponed for 15 days. And we were leaving in the very next. Well, "good things come to those who wait" and while searching for more Chap Mei "novelties", this "little bird" was sitting there. And once again, an angel told me that wouldn´t leave my grip and would soon be sitting in the midst of Cobra legions in a base far from there.

There is no (present) need of a detailed review, since we all know where to go for that one. This is a box variation, so the airplane itself is exactly the same as in the original 2009 "Raven" box. However, I must add a couple of details:
- Number 1, the Raven (Night or Sky) was one of my very favorite "G.I.Joe Universe" airplanes EVER. I remember the day I purchased the Sky Patrol version, and the day I got a mint loose Night Raven. To this day, I still consider those 2 to be a major PLUS in ANY collection.
- Number 2, this was also (and I believe based on the previous point) my favorite moment from the 2009 movie. The XXI century adaptation was flawless, certainly on of the definite "bull´s eye" moments of this movie. I had mentioned it when I wrote a movie review for a local newspaper(Please refer to Back from France with "Rise Of Cobra" in our bag post for the whole movie review). For those main reasons, I must say this was the item that could certainly NOT get away. And it didn´t. And it´s here.

Status: Unavailable

Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Chap Mei - and more - for Xmas!

Back to a favorite "Chap Mei hunting spot" store, we managed to get some shots of some stuff they´re offering this Xmas.

A closer shot of the new Dino Valley 3 T-Rex, something we already had posted smaller. Someday we´ll review it too.

A curious knock-off of a so long ago retired "Knights - Quest For Dark Beasts" Spider Attack Playset. This is a very VERY well made knock-off. We´re not into those - except for the curiosity side of it - but those who are, could get a giant spider, giant web and some cool looking little tower plus some strange gargoyle figures.

A look at one of the beauty shelves. Now this is more like it. Another discontinued line, "Adventure Heroes". Camel set, Big Mummy, Sky Wing, Hummer, etc. We gotta get back there "packing". Also a lot of Viking stuff, from to Drakkar to some smaller sets. Nice!

A nice curiosity. The new Chap Mei small figures sets. The figures are an inch tall (something like that) and the sets are pretty much inspired in all Chap Mei has done through the years.

Another interesting shot. These are NOT Chap Mei nor "pure blood" toys. HOWEVER, if you look closely, the tents are Chap Mei knock offs. And the figures are pretty much 1:18 scaled, but the vehicles, are a bit too small. And won´t hold any figures. So... of not interest. Unless like said before, as a curiosity item.

Another great stuff. Lately (fortunately) many companies adopted the - include 3 3/4" action figures - policy. See the two construction workers there? The Crane? We´ll get that soon!

Finally another "Quest For Dark Beasts". The photo is not clear, but you can see it´s not some knock-off. It´s a VERY well done one. And the more I see these, the more I acknowledge we´ll have to get a few to review on that "how good it really is" point.

Also, before getting to these retailers, we had a small trip to another one where we got a glimpse at the even more distant "Witchcraft" series. Lame knock-offs, but very affordable, so all things summed up, we´re going to have some interesting Knock-Off entries soon.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Robotix 1995 set 4000

A remake of the 1985 R-2000 series, the"ARGUS protection leader", this final set of the 1995 "thousand" line, is a powerful gathering of great parts and play capabilities. Powered by four LR20 batteries, this set´s power supply makes 4 engines (+1 more not included) come alive.

This is a big one. A big box with big parts... big expectations. And they come through. This was the most fun set yet.

Included parts. When they went 4000... they really done it big.

The remote controls (5-switch Control Console) and power supply (Battery Box). You need four LR20 batteries to make this one work. The good thing is... you´ll have 5 slots for wires. (4 are included)

A great included part: "Jaws". Actually, it´s made of 2 parts. Lower and Upper. The eye-looking bolts make this one look like a chameleon´s head. Pretty cool. The front teeth making it look like a rabbit... makes it a "Ra...Meleon". Great sculpt, no doubt.

Apart from the main building instructions, you get these other ideas/concepts.

The first vehicle/base you can assemble is this "Command Cruiser".

Videos are coming soon for this and previous sets. But this is one of the sets in more "desperate" need of motion for you to see. Absolutely great.

"Planet Probe". Moves forward and backward using the "2-Legged Walker" part which moves in a cross-over fashion. The jaws open and close, the arm moves up and down, and claws open and close.

"Surface Explorer". Moves forward/backward, arm moves up and down, grab arms (claws) open and close.

This set also includes a counter weight, mostly because the 4 engines are usually placed on the front and whatever you built, tends to fall over. So this part really comes in handy.

Status: Unavailable

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Robotix 1997 Volcanic Crawler

"Modeled after NASA´s Dante", this set also comes with some other building options, although none action figure-destined.

This arachnid-looking fellow was inspired by the robot which attempted to explore Mt. Erebus in Antarctica and Active Alaskan Volcano back in 1993.

Parts included.

This particular set had a bonus. Upgraded in the form of a new remote control instead of the 2-button pictured in the instructions booklet.

This was the base vehicle over which all vehicle options were built.

The remote is a big one. Needs 4 LR14 batteries to function.

This was the original remote included in this set.

The "Volcanic Crawler". Walks forward and backward. And considering the 6 "independent" legs (3 pairs would be more accurate), it can "crawl" over most obstacle. Videos coming soon.

"Robo Crab". With a strange movement like it was walking on its toes, it´s another fine example of how Robotix sets can defy gravity.

"Scorpion". Looking and moving as the actual arthropod, just too bad that the stinger doesn´t move.

"Mars Excavator". The only (apparently) scaled vehicle to (eventually) hold figures. And again "Mars".

Status: Unavailable

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Robotix 1995 set 3000

Another set from the Chicago-based company, this big set´s main novelties were the command centre module, the rail and light system.

A very big and heavy box, filled with space-station ambiance.

View of all included parts. Not pictured, the label sheet and spare-parts catalog.

Top line: The main building options for this set. Bottom: The alternate.

Besides the pictured light component, this set also included a "T" shaped connection for the wires. This would save a spot for the switch command. Basically, 3 engines controlled by 2 buttons.

The first vehicle building option, the "Duck Scout". For the action figure (Space Commander) review, please refer to "Robotix 1997 Laser Scanner".

A very big vehicle, his motion can be more accurately perceptible through a soon coming video. Moves its "head" left and right and also the back legs move in a linear cross-over method.

"Star Base Launch Bay". The rail provides the Command Centre a forward/backwards movement. The realistic sound this kind of engine produces, resembles "Aliens" cargo lifter.

Scale shots with a G.I.Joe RAH figure. Observe the feet pins, they fit perfectly. These "Robotix" parts make a great custom space-station for Cobra... or who knows... a place to dock the "Defiant" and "Crusader" shuttles. Not to mention S.T.A.R. Brigade...

"Mars Transporter". It´s the mid-90s... Mars popularity still there. And it´s not the chocolate nor Destro´s industries.

And the gem. I find this little part somewhat great. Not too fancy, not too much of a "brute". Simple and useful.

Status: Unavailable

Friday, November 20, 2009

Robotix 1995 set 2000

Another powerful set by MB/LC, this Robotix set from the 1995 line features some very riveting parts...

This year of 1995 marked (as referred before in a previous Robotix post) the "Learning Curve" first actual move. Besides the new box design and the small modules, the "thousand" sets were the greatest fun to have with.

The basic building options for this 2000 set, some actual envisions here.

Parts and "paperwork" included. For the "Space Scout" figure review, refer to "Robotix 1996 Lunar Launcher".

The "All Terrain Crawler", the main building option for this set. This set also features the remote control (physically worthy of that title). You can observe that gray block with red switches to the right. It can also be incorporated in any Robotix construction.

4 views on the "Crawler". Here already without the wire connections. Video of movement action coming soon. The legs rotate over one another making the crawler move forward or backwards.

"Hyper Copter". Switch activates main and tail rotors.

"Creeping Cobra". This has a great looking movement. Zoid-like. Extending and contracting hence making the vehicle move.

The greatest asset of this set, as far as parts go, was the cockpit, with bubble canopies and 100% 3 3/4" compatible. The hatch between the pilots seats is simply great and you can choose making it look like a dino head or not. Very good.

Status: Unavailable

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Xmas time, Pt II

Well, ladies and gents, before returning to our previous reviewing affairs, and starting in style with some of the new acquisitions, we leave you the pictures taken today along with the list of our new stuff to be reviewed soon.

So, and so far, here´s what we got from these wonderful retailers:

Soldier Force VI - Peace Force (white cammo) :

Steel Badger Playset;
Helicopter Playset (Cobra);
Storm Vehicle Playset (small chopper);
Paratrooper w/ working chute;

Dino Valley III

Longrope Playset

Jungle Adventure

Jungle Trekker Playset;
Wild Jungle Playset (Komodo Dragon)

Note: If you guys have any preference on any upcoming review over these sets, let us know.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Chap Mei stuff

Here it is, the wonderful xmas time! And its November still. I was fixing a series V soldier force to post today but something came up and I had to go to the mall... and voilá... I´ll leave you with the pictures... cell phone... so kinda limited to 3.0Mp... some are repeated, just enjoy. Btw, I came with a lot of them back home... and going back there again tomorrow!

There goes some serious cash...

Photos will be better once we get to review the ones brought back! Some are already here, like the Cobra Chopper, the peace keepers badger, this wild jungle figure above and some others. Damn, these are sweet.