Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adventure Heroes Sphinx Tomb Playset - Bootleg

Not being avid (not by a long shot) bootleg/knockoff consumers, we found this particular set to be very close to the original. And since we can´t find that one anywhere, both reasons brought this set here today.

Usually, the bootleg toys boxes are filled of blurry graphics amongst other flaws. Not this one. Even the box could pass as an original.

Until you open it. Distributed by the spanish company "Rama Tritton" and with a retail price of US$19 (!!!) it had to have some muscle.

Included items.

Another detail on this stone-breaking vehicle. The paint job is amazingly similar in detail.

According to pictures found, this one is a slightly lighter cyan and the gray parts here substitute the original metalized ones. The original metal bordeaux is here replaced by a golden shade.

Cockpit/cabin detail. Bottom RIGHT picture showing the front wheel inside the cockpit. I believe this is also present in the original vehicle. Maybe to "Flintstone" their way out of there. Who knows why they didn´t cover it...

Figures: "Anubis" and "Captain Sandy Storm"... the local Indiana Jones. Very nice copies. You can even take their garment accessories off.

Scale shots.

The big mummy: "Evil Oba". Another proof of this bootleg´s quality. Near imperceptible next to the original.

Also electronic, it lights up when pressing the button on top of its head. It would, if any batteries were included. Since this comes from China "black market", you buy everything separated.

Scale shot.

Overall 5 stars as a bootleg.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Police vs Bad Guyz Attack & Escape Playset

Lately forgotten, due to lots of recent great vehicle creations by "Chap Mei", the monster truck from Police Force Vs Bad Guyz was one of the most sought after items for a while. "Bad Guyz" figures were hits and their vehicles showed to the world (yet again) CM meant business. "Big Jaws" was one of the greatest, and still is.

A complete set with lots of parts. The bad guyz clearly with the upper hand, even down 2 to 1 in this set.

The "Wild Quest" later inherited the monster truck basic mold, although equipped with a net launcher instead of the guns and a different front grill.

Included items view.

Included accessories.

Figures: "Sergeant Thomas" (refer to "SWAT police Humvee" for more details) ; "Officer Petersen" (review coming soon) ; "Snaky Drake" (review coming soon) and "Foul Play Nick" (refer to "Bad Guyz Attack Machine Playset Motor Whike" for more details).

To our knowledge, the only set including the "Rottweiler". A nice complement for a "Mutt" custom, who knows...

The quad. Refer to "Peace Force Steel Badger Playset" for more details, although this "Police Force" one has no sound effects.

"Chaser" helicopter. Refer to "Police Force Patrol Vehicle Playset - Chaser" for more details on this vehicle.

"Big Jaws" monster truck.

Side views. Menacing enough, a great machine for the "Dreadnoks" or for post-apocalyptic enthusiasts out there.

Some detail shots. Considering this was part of 2 to 3rd generation Chap Mei lines, this was (and still is) one of their best.

Car cabin and exhaust detailing. Very good indeed.

The guns. One of the most asked questions for people owning a set such as this (from customizers mostly) was : "They come off?". The answer is pictured. Although it wasn´t easy. The scale is alright, not perfect, since the feet electrical controls for the turret movement are too far away for the figure to fit.

Scale shots. As perfect as can be.

Some different angles. If you observe closely, the bottom of the vehicle has a battery compartment. In this "Bad Guyz" version, it has not use.

"Snaky Drake" grasping the handle.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jonny Quest Action Figures

Another fine example on the quantity and quality of the action figure "golden age" (for the 80s children at least), are the Jonny Quest figures. A Galoob release, in Western Europe, "Famosa" took care of the JQ merchandise "expenses".

3 1/2" scaled, they were good enough to be next to the G.I.Joe RAH line. And let´s not forget the G.I.Joe 2001 N.L.C. and 2002 Cobra Mantis Sub came directly from the JQ vehicle line.

The 8 original 2-packs. Numbered (JQ) 1 to 8. Here presented, the european spanish carded versions.

JQ1 - Silent Storm Jessie & Night Stryker Jonny Quest ; JQ2 - Desert Stealth Hadji & X-Treme Action Jonny Quest ; JQ3 - Shuttle Pilot Jonny Quest & Drop Zone Race ; JQ4 - Safari Stryker Hadji & Deep Sea Race

JQ5 - Jungle Commando Dr. Quest & Evil Ezekial Rage ; JQ6 - Biathlete Jessie & Wild Blaze Race ; JQ7 - Wild Wrangler Jonny Quest & Biohazard Hadji ; JQ8 - Motocross Hadji & Island Storm Race

Pictured on the dark blue zone, you can observe the original molds for the above referenced GIJoe 2001 and 2002 vehicles. The originals were called "Quest Wave Ranger" (Mantis Sub) and "Quest Porpoise" (N.L.C.).

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Dino Valley 3 Wildboar Max with baby T-Rex

"Figure + Small dino set", sold in europe for $7.

Major points on this set, the infant dino, and the figure accessories.

Minus points, the lack of detail on this figure, especially considering some of the latest figures (for example, Hefty Nicky). A basic recovery of an old mold.

Included items.

The dirt bike. For more detail on this model, refer to "Soldier Force VI Peace Force Steel Badger" for more info on this bike.

Accessories view. Grappling tool and dino muzzle. As seen in "Dino Valley 3 Mega T Camp Attack Playset", but here in "action" with the infant T-Rex.

Figure: Dino Valley 3 "Wildboar Max". Note the absence of the holster, traded for a first-aid kit.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

H.E.R.O.E.S. Giant Combo Play Set - Part 1 -

Considering the time of the year, where peace, friendship and understanding should be above all else, we chose to get a look at a firefighters playset. "In peace, firemen. If invaded, soldiers."

Picking up an old post, and starting its "decent" review, we present a(the) GIANT Combo play set from the "H.E.R.O.E.S." line. Another "Auchan" retailer item, which (although made in china) grants some quality to the toy´s components.

This is, indeed, a giant playset. In fact, due to some particularities, we´ll split this review in 2 posts. Today, accessories and figures, tomorrow the vehicles.

Included accessories. The reason we need to divide this entry in 2. A very nice surprise. Maybe not if you plan to give this to your kids, (they´re fairly fragile) but as a collector/diorama builder, you´ll find a lot of goodies in this one.

Starting by showing the scrap parts. Nevertheless, that stretcher may serve some purpose.

Treasure N#1: Cases. Very M.A.R.S. looking and the handles fit Joe hands perfectly.

Chains and industrial hook. Great for a diorama, showing some good detail attention and strong enough if forced. The scale is great too.

Water cannons, netting (chap mei knockoff), consoles (chap mei -inspired- and actually better, since it folds like a laptop).

Treasure N#2: The mini laptop with cable to generator. You gotta love this.

Tools, helmets and power tools. Although noticeably chap mei "inspired", the designers (thankfully) lowered the scaled, hence making these usable.

Figures. One of the low points. However, the fact they again lowered these figures scale (if indeed Chap Mei was their inspiration - as if there is a doubt - ) to 3 3/4" earned them some points for trying. The dog can be used, as the figures themselves perhaps... for diorama (crowd) purposes.

To be continued...

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Thursday, December 24, 2009


On behalf of all the people behind this project, we wish all our friends, supporters, followers...

Merry Christmas! - i Feliz Navidad ! - Joyeux Noel! - Froehliche Weihnachten! - Buone Feste Natalizie!

May all your dreams come true with lots of joy and love. It has been our privilege being able to bring you these pictures for the last months and hopefully, continue. Keep the faith in everything you do that you love doing.

"If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!"
- Marty McFly

Merry Christmas everybody!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Indiana Jones Deluxe Figure Packs

The 2008 Hasbro´s Indiana Jones line not only brought us great looking vehicles, but also some great figures and small "Dio-packs". Here presented are some of those which deserves some considerable attention by 3 3/4" figures fans.

3 Deluxe "Dio-sets" and a 2-pack purchased for Diorama purposes. However, Indiana Jones fans must truly be happy with this line. Following the release of the 4th Indiana Jones franchise movie, this "Lucasfilm" and "Hasbro" decision on releasing figures from ALL movies and especially recreating movie scenes was absolutely great and worthy of appraisal.

"Raiders Of The Lost Ark" German Soldiers. Army-builder kind of pack. Although representing a particular shot from the movie, they perfectly serve as common soldiers for your WWII or regular war scenarios.

"Raiders Of The Lost Ark" Indiana Jones with Horse. A lot better (as expected) than Chap Mei´s and/or Lanard´s horses. A figure by itself. Articulated and greatly painted and sculpted.

"Raiders Of The Lost Ark" with Temple Trap. A great set of small goodies, from the golden statue to all the small details on the ground and realistic stone sculpting, also features a "mouth-closing" action.

"Raiders Of The Lost Ark" Indiana Jones with Temple Pitfall. One of the most memorable scenes from the "Lucasfilm" classic and a huge plus for you Diorama builders out there.

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