Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adventure Heroes Mummy Attack Playset

 An iconic Chap Mei character, Evil Oba, frightens off in his very own play set...

This line had a lot of different sets. Small, medium and large ones. Some hard to find, some almost impossible. And in this case, even color variations.

Included items. "Darker" Evil Oba variation.

Included accessories.

Included giant desert centipede.

Figure: "Captain Sandy Storm".

Figure: "Evil Oba". This is the harder to find version. The common is the lighter one. The bootleg version copied that "easier to find" color scheme.

 Detail shots. This is a wonderful and heavy figure. Menacing look (like Eddie the Head, Iron Maiden´s mascot).

Status: 1 Available MISB (lighter version) trade value: US$25

Monday, August 30, 2010

Adventure Heroes Tomb Protector Playset

 From the highly acclaimed "egyptian" theme line, comes another reference.

Chap Mei original, "inspired" bootleg "artists" to do their own bootleg version.

Inlcuded items.

Included accessories.

Included "Giant Crawler" : Scorpion. For more details on this, refer to "Adventure Heroes Giant Crawler Playset - Scorpion".

Figures: "Bomani" and "Captain Sandy Storm".

Giant Camel. Head moves up and down. Not electronically "enhanced" as its bootleg counterpart.

Detail shot. The Camel is actually very well conceived. Yet, gigantic. Chap Mei tends to gives us these overscaled items from time to time. Curiously, there are many fans out there looking for these items.

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vikings Tusker Raider Playset

 Another "Legend of the Norse Warriors" playset, and a great one too.

 Chap Mei original, "inspired" bootleg "artists" to do their own bootleg version.

Included items.

Included accessories.

 Power Trumpet mammoth, the "Tusker Raider" is a SFX toy. Trumpet is activated by forcing its trunk down.

Nice looking prison cage.

 Detail shots. The trident can be fired, the ladder relocated and the prison cage hung.

Medieval theme catapult. Now used for this "vikings" theme as well.

Figure: "King Harald". Good sculpt, great colors, but poor articulation. However, the extra shoulder articulation point is essential for the pose. Belt detail : dagger comes off.

 Figure: "Longtooth Siguard". Another fine crafted figure, with the same limitations as the previous. Belt detail : claw comes off.

Status: Available MISB trade value : US$70

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Auchan´s Police Force Armored Car - Update!

A more detailed review on the terrestrial weapon, the police force land set, an armored car.

Not pictured, you also get some over-sized weapons sets. Following Chap Mei´s relative success world wide, some major retailers in Europe sold sets like CM. Some seem bootleg´s knock-offs... if you imagine that possible. In this case, CM´s biggest flaw was also copied... the hand-held weapons.

A power search light.

 Moves up and down, and the whole set revolves around the trailer base.

Interesting detail. Seems like this was supposed to hold batteries. Or maybe (probably) the original from which this was copied, does.

Wheels detail: They´re like die-cast cars.

Scale shot with a RAH G.I.Joe figure.

The armored car. A mad max-like vehicle. Pretty cool.

Great detailing. However, it lacks the usability it deserves. Some doors/ hatches won´t open.

Here´s an example. It could have a little more of "moving parts".

Scale shot.

The included doors and hatches however, are cool enough for you to want it.  

The cannon seems to be a water shooting one. It even has a hole on the back to which a hose may attach.

There´s a lot of space in the back. This is a rough set, but very customizable. A true diamond in the rough :)

Lots of space here, too. Misses the steering wheel, though. Maybe it´s voice activated. ;)
Interesting detail, with the right light, the "police car lights" seem to be on and rotating.

A special note about the car stand. Some of these Auchan´s sets came with an action stand for the vehicle. Very interesting concept. I just can´t but love the shots you can take.

Status: Unavailable

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Elite Force U.S. Army MH-6 Little Bird (Night Stalker)

 Another "as real as it gets" 1:18 articulated and fully functional model, portraying one of the most popular military helicopters.

 One of BBI´s "aces", this "infiltration & extraction" Spec Ops vehicle comes loaded with weaponry, and highly detailed figure.

Included items.

Amazing detail for a "not a toy"... toy. If this was a static model I´d say "well done", but this is scary, thinking that every military toy may eventually become like this some day. Don´t get me wrong, elite force  enthusiasts. It´s an absolute star. But if we consider Auchan´s Police Force S.W.A.T. Helicopter on the other side of the field, well, we simply can´t. Not the same league. Not even the same sport.

Detail shots. Modelers may consider the metalic look a little too much for a high performance aircraft, and especially a "recon/ assault" U.S. Army Spec Ops black painted one. Collectors (toy collectors, I mean) who remember "True Heroes Sentry Outpost - Little Bird Playset" as a reference for a Little Bird, are probably still in awe. I know I am.

With side-mounted folding bench seats for extra figures (not included), there is also the possibility to attach side-mounted TOW anti-tank/anti-bunker missile launchers.

 Included figure: Special Ops articulated pilot action figure. The helmet with night vision goggles kept my attention the whole time. Beautiful! 

Included accessories. SMAW and FIM 92 Stinger launchers with detachable parts. 

This set gives you the chance to make cool infiltration scenes just like the one seen in Black Hawk Down. Problem is, you have to change the included rope which looks like a shoelace... so much for accuracy.

Action shots and detail last thoughts... the only forgotten place was the engine exhaust. If your thing is military 1:18 models, you have to own one of these!

Status: Available for trade - Mint Loose Complete w/ box - trade value : €60