Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dino Valley Carnotaurus & Max Warthog

Another "Simba" Chap Mei set with a great figure included!

Also including a "Carnotaurus" dinosaur, like the "Dino Valley Winch Tower Playset" playset.

Interesting how Simba took care of the 1st Dino Valley series around western Europe. It was actually hard (virtually impossible) to find a "genuine" Chap Mei Dino Valley set back then.

Included items.

Accessories view. Figure accessories not pictured.

"Carnotaurus". When pressing down its right arm, jaw closes.

Figure: Max Warthog.

Detail shots. The figure´s accessories are awesome. From the poncho to the wild boar "helmet" and passing by the mechanical legs with "Robocop 2" nemesis "Cain" feet construction, it is a delight.

Mini "Ulysses 31".

Scale (and experiment) shots.

Status: Unavailable

Star Wars Episode I TRU giveaway sticker

Portuguese Toys R Us  promo sticker.

Status: Available for trade

Friday, January 29, 2010

Actual Magazine on Star Wars Episode III

From Portuguese Expresso newspaper, Actual magazine on Episode III of the Star Wars saga.
 Status: Available for trade

Star Wars Comics in Portuguese

Episode II: Attack Of The Clone -  All 4 issues.

 Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan

Jedi Council - Complete set of 2

Infinity´s End. Complete set of 2.

Twilight - Complete set of 2

Incredible Hulk Issue 31

Status: Available for trade


Thursday, January 28, 2010

PC Zone June 1998

Status: Available for trade

Vikings Warrior Playset - Bearskin Jarl

Acquired in France during the great "Chap Mei crop" of 2008, this box is marked 2007. But this theme was, in fact, launched throughout Europe (and I suspect, the world - maybe not in Thailand) in 2008.

With a one-year run, some of these items are still out there for those who mean to find them.

The background image printed on the back card of the blister is interesting. Similar to the "Arctic" box art.

Included items. "Nereus" dragon figure also widely present in the "Knights" theme. For a better view of it, refer to "Legends Of Knights Deluxe Castle Attack".

Included accessories.

The bear skin (giving name to the viking figure) was initially included with a "Wild Arctic" figure very similar to the 2002 G.I.Joe "Snow Serpent" and later "Snow Wolf" in 2004 for the Valor Vs Venom line and movie concepts.

The figure: "Bearskin Jarl". His face looks like Megatron or Matthias Hues from "Dark Angel".

Very cool looking figure. However, although this guy´s waist is one point of articulation, his left arm is fixed on this position. Well, at least you can remove the weapon.

Status: Unavailable

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Forces Of Valor 1:18 Scale Bravo Team figures

Intentionally crafted as models/action figures, these are a whole new ball game.

Also and before anything else, an "honorable mention" to our senior team member, heart and soul of this project, Jo... not only brings many of these wonderful items we get to review here, lately one of the most effective "treasure hunters". Savior of this toy-review addict!

I keep talking about how toys are nowadays getting further away from their basic purpose of "play", however, and like stated above, these are "grown" models to the point of action. Deliberately so.

Pictured, the 2 marines "Cpl. Mitch Hargerland" and "Sgt. Frank Segura" and army "Capt. Drew Masters" and "Cpl. Bret Heinrich". There are a total of 12 different action figures (although some share their head sculpts, weapons and body parts) from the 2 branches of U.S. military: Army and Marines.

As you can observe, the detail is secured and the weapons are interesting. Articulation is satisfactory to say the least. Painting is awesome.

I could say this over and over, and from some points of view, on a daily basis, but I rather keep this next expression for really "cool as ice" items. DO NOT miss our next post. Tomorrow, same channel... same time. You won´t regret it. If you ever regret coming here!

Status: Unavailable

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Terminator Salvation A-10 Warthog

After the considerable success of the 4th Terminator movie, a new line came out. And in the same line as the new G.I.Joe figures, Indiana Jones and so many others, the "Terminator" toys had both realistic detail and 3.75" compatibility.

Being an avid fan of the A-10, and having reviewed a couple of them in previous posts, this one had to be present.

Playmates, like Hasbro, and many other major toy companies keeps the assembly to the minimum.

Included items.

Figure: "Blair".

Included accessories.

Very close to a real A-10, differs greatly in some actual points. And for 3.75" scale fans, the real problem is the small size.

And since the weight is not well balanced, an extra detail was included to keep it steady on display.

Detail shots. Great paint job. No question there. The 30mm cannon was transformed into a projectile launched through a spring system.

Comparing "Terminator Salvation" figure to a RAH G.I.Joe.

Scale shot.

Status: Unavailable

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Indiana Jones The Lost Temple Of Akator Playset

A great playset from the last "Indy" movie, including 2 figures, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - The Lost Temple of Akator Playset

Notable details, huge size and as a display... 5 stars.

"Chaotic order"...

All included items.

Included figures.

Included accessories. Other from the figures accessories.

The 4 views showing all the complex capabilities.

Detail shots. This set is filled with foot pins for your 3.75" Indiana Jones (and other) figures.


Boulder trap...

More details and quicksands...

Scale shots. Overall... a truly great playset.

Status: Available through