Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6830 Space Patroller

Status: Unavailable

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6644 Road Rebel

Status: Unavailable

6526 Red Line Racer

Status: Available 4 trade

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6056 Dragon Wagon

Status: Unavailable

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Carded Figures

Status: Unavailable

6634 Stock Car

Status: Unavailable

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1988 Tiger Fly

Status: Unavailable

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1995 Sgt Savage SS 1

Status: Unavailable

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Han Solo Carbonite

Status: Available 4 trade

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Masters Of The Universe Vintage Laser Power He-Man

1987 Italy Laser Power He-man.

When the sword arm is raised, it lights up. The mechanics include a battery pack connector which attaches to the back of the He-Man figure. When the arm is raised, the button is push and "let there be light".

Heroic Master of Light Energy. Laser Power He-man with the classic He-man head featured on He-man classic figures (1981-1987).

 Date detail. After 1987, Mattel started using the new He-Man sculpted head which is far more common and the the classic version much more sought-after.

 Included parts: Battery pack with sword, chest plate, shoulder armor.

He-Man figure.

We managed to snatch one of these some long years ago and although fully functional, the battery pack shows some iron oxidation and probably the reason for the low amount of light from the sword and some occasional contact flaws. A beautiful piece, nonetheless, and a must for any serious collector. And now available for trade. If you have the guts and the skill, you may eventually open the whole pack and make it new.

Status: Currently unavailable

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rambo Accessories

Status: Available 4 trade

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1992 Barracuda

Status: Unavailable

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