Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Corps! Commando Force Sniper Scout figures

One of Lanard´s The Corps! best - ever - creations, the Elite Edition Commando Force Sniper Scout figures.

In 2005, Lanard picked up 4 characters from previous 2003 release of this Elite Edition series and included "snap on" camo!

The "Sniper Scouts" were Hawk (pictured above), John Eagle, Flashbang and Flashfire.

Figure: Hawk.

Included accessories.

Geared up sniper scout Hawk!

Ghille suits are sniper´s most effective form of camouflage.

Burlap strips are tied together to make ground cover that they wear to blend into their surroundings.

Status: Unavailable


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  1. My brother and I still love these. Even though we got them way back.


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