Friday, March 18, 2011

Elite Operations Military Troops Play Set # 1

 From the pre-True Heroes era, comes this Toys R Us exclusive repack of Chap Mei figures.

The infamous line had a mix of "original" Chap Mei figures and several others. Today we take a deeper look into the #99620 set. The "Marine Operations Specialists".

Included items. They do look good. And the fact you´re looking at a group of general uniform troops, makes it an even cooler picture. Army-building all the way!

Included accessories.

Included figures. With and without accessories. Left: "Frogman Deepdive" figure mold in 3 different color schemes. For more information on this figure, refer to Soldier Force V Coast Patrol Playset. Right: "Dean Octogear" mold figure in 2 different color schemes - refer to Rescue Squad Coast Patrol Playset with Shark and Frogman (articulated feet version) - refer to "Soldier Force IV Heavy Combat Boat Playset".

Since we´re in the presence of both "Frogman" versions, we´ll grab the opportunity to check the molds differences. Actually, the torso is exactly the same, and the articulated feet figure legs, although different, are in fact inspired by the first version. The articulation detail makes this 2nd figure taller.

A well-deserved spotlight for these two figures. Great underwater marine camouflage. 

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


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