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Narnia Prince Caspian: Wer-Wolf and Castle Raid Prince Caspian

Saturday, March 12, 2011

 A fantastic 2 pack featuring a nicely done creature from the World of Narnia. Actually, one of the best werewolf-like figures around.

One of four 2-pack sets, this is my very favourite. The others are Minotaur Asterius & Faun Mentius, Centaur Glenstorm & Peepiceek (also pretty cool) and Final Duel Peter Pevensie & Final Duel King Miraz.

Contents view. Prince Caspien figure is similar to Final Battle Prince Caspian in almost every way, so we´ll focus on the Wer-Wolf figure, the star for the night, definitely.

Both arms have multiple articulation. One of legs the moves back and forth, the other does not and we´ll see why in a few moments.

Removable cape.

Complete figure view.

Awesome look!

Squeezing its legs makes the head go up and jaw drop, giving the "howling" look. Arms also go up producing a terrifying look... of a terrific figure! 

Status: Unavailable

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