Thursday, March 17, 2011

Custom fodder: Xishini Power Plane

As many of our fine readers know, from time to time we get some low budget vehicles and figures from all kinds of places and sources which may become a 1:18 custom someday. This is another good example.

 The first I looked at it, I noticed the 1:32 scale mark, but fortunately they had an assembled one around and with a US$10 tag, I decided it could serve a purpose... eventually.

 A Bump & Go toy, includes a lot of electronics which have to be stripped, but also useful in future projects. Lights, (irritating) sounds and even a working propeller.

  A-1 Skyraider model-based toy. It needs a new landing gear and little more to integrate a 1:18 squad.

Looks good and the lines are pretty balanced. Cockpit has to be totally redesigned to hold a 95mm figure, but there´s no such thing as difficulties, only challenges.

Of course all those missiles have to go and probably be replaced by fuel tanks or rocket launchers.

Scale shot with ARAH G.I.Joe figure. Looks promising...

Status: Unavailable

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