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C´Boyz BeToys Airplane and Combat Parachutist set

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On track with some interesting Western Europe market items, presenting a Chap Mei P-40 version from BeToys.

Into these hands via the mindful eyes of an angel, landed a near-perfect Chap Mei P-40 replica.

 Included items.

 Included accessories. Not bad at all, but the palm trees seem too far-fetched to be part of any 1:18 scaled item.

"Parchutist".  Most of the box´s graphics come misspelled. Great parachute and great harness set. Bootleg of CM´s Paratrooper.

Figures: (Good) Bootleg versions of  Chap Mei´s "Techno Sniper Nighthawk" and "Combat Paratrooper".

Airplane. Chap Mei´s P-40.

Detail shots: The aircraft is as perfect as the original. Missing some of the graphics.

Scale shots with all G.I.Joe scales.The 3 3/4" is the perfect scale for this one.

 For reference, the back of the box comes with some promising (if ever done) vehicles. Version of, that is... we´ll see if we manage to get them in the future.

Status: Unavailable

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