Friday, March 11, 2011

Halo 3 Collection Mongoose w/ Spartan EVA

Ultra-light All-terrain Vehicle from Halo 3!

2010 McFarlane creation comes with an awesome Spartan EVA figure.

Included items.

Mongoose ULAV.

Handlebars turn, rear seat folds down, holds 2 figures.

2nd figure can fit on back. Marine Infantry figure not included.

Included figure: Spartan E.V.A.

Cool articulation, shoulder pads come off and a few places for extra accessories around the figure.

Riding the Mongoose!

Extra weapons can be created with some Chap Mei weapons and accessories. Some of them fit perfectly. Check out CM Surplus Fan Markt for a selection of weapons and accessories for your HALO scenarios!

Status: Unavailable


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