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Star Wars Episode I Pepsi Premium R2-D2

Friday, April 1, 2011

Digital clock and hologram projector "R2-D2" Pepsi 1999 exclusive!


Mail-away offer from the 1999 blockbuster "Phantom Menace". Pristine condition!

Scale: Similar in size to the 6" Action Collection "R2". Here, next to "Bespin Luke", you can easily see how cool this droid goes with the 12" line.

 Not a static clock/ toy, legs tilt back (but head does not rotate).

Hologram projector: Really cool detail. Pop up R2´s head panel and a light turns on projecting 9 yo Anakin´s face wherever you point it to. If your alarm clock is by your bed, you´ll see Anakin on the ceiling! Uses 2 AAA batteries.

This was a mail-away offer by Pepsi. Each 6-pack of Pepsi or 7UP came with an insert. Once collected a certain (big) amount of them, PepsiCo would send you one R2D2. Offer was limited 2 per person.

Also, and since we´re on it, inside the 6 pack set of inserts, one would get 4 different stickers of a collection of 20. Pictured above, the entire collection including the hard to find 1 (podracer Anakin), 11 (Jabba) and 17  (Obi-Wan with saber).

An extremely well put-together little droid !

Trade Value: 25€, also available MISB

Status: Available for trade

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2 comments: to “ Star Wars Episode I Pepsi Premium R2-D2

  • Goth Dreamer
    October 23, 2013 at 11:06 PM  

    I have a mint one of these still in the postal box...how much should I sell it for?

  • JoMi
    November 14, 2013 at 9:19 PM  

    It´s a problem now. I have 2, one loose mint the other MISB. They´re not that valuable. There´s no demand for them. The world is flooded with SW toys. A tragedy if you ask me. I´d say if you make 20 bucks of it is a good deal. I´ll probably try and sell mine and if you want I´ll let you know how much it went for...

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