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Avatar: AMP Suit

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Arguably the coolest vehicle from James Cameron´s Avatar movie, the "AMP Suit" works with most 3 3/4" figures!

The M-6 Amplified Mobility Suit is ambulatory armored weapons platform for military and civilian operations in hostile and toxic environments.

Included parts view.

"Iron Lady" fully assembled.

Amp Suit: 13 feet in height, 6 feet wide, features GPS, Cockpit commands are verbally activated, coded to operator´s voiceprint pattern. Thermal imaging display screens.

Articulation. A figure in the form of a vehicle! Lots of points of articulation.

Weaponry: Hip-mounted and detachable GAU-90 30mm cannon, optional flamethrower, slashing blade, knife.

Cockpit view.

 With ARAH G.I.Joe figure.  ROC scale figures are too big for this one.

Classic "Joes" are just perfect. If this was a Cobra weapon, the joes would be in trouble! However, still no match for the Armor Bot!

Status: Unavailable

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