Monday, March 7, 2011

Halo 3 Collection Marine Infantry

 New character for 2010 Mcfarlane Halo series for "The Halo 3 Collection", the "Marine Infantry" figure.

As expected, great looking figure from McFarlane Toys.

Featuring 26 moving parts, stands 5" tall.

Modern concept action figure with trigger finger and fine weapons.

As a middle-point scale action figure, the 5" line fills some gaps for weapons, accessories and vehicles you may have around from 3 3/4" or 7" figures.

Accessories: BR55HB SR Battle Rifle and M6 pistol from Microsoft´s game HALO.

Unfortunately, the helmet is not removable. Nor is the backpack. Scuplting is great, articulation pretty good, but lacking some points thus limiting a perfect movement. Painting is great also. A great "space marine".

Status: Unavailable


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