Saturday, March 26, 2011

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Villains

Distributed by Popco (Cards, Inc) and in Western Europe by Giochi Preziosi, the villains from "Order of the Phoenix" set of figures from the fifth movie.

Now highly sough-after figures, it´s almost a crime to open these up, but that´s what we´re here for!

Lord and his minions!

Figure: Lord Voldemort.

Included accessories: Wand and Nagini, the Snake.

One of the coolest snakes for 4" (or close enough) figures out there!

Figure: Death Eater (silver mask).

Included accessories: Wand and Apparating Smoke Base.

Can be unassembled, and the clear base can serve as a stand.

Figure: Death Eater (dark mask).

Included accessories: Wand (different from silver mask version) and the Smoke Base.

Other than the mask, it´s the same figure as the silver version.

Without the cape. Being collectors action figures, these guys really need a stand, they´re not meant to stand on their feet... as it seems.

As far as use with other lines, it goes perfectly with the most recent Hasbro´s G.I.Joe figures.

A perfect cloud of smoke for a Ninja.

Status: Unavailable

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