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Adventure Heroes Mummy Attack Playset

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

 An iconic Chap Mei character, Evil Oba, frightens off in his very own play set...

This line had a lot of different sets. Small, medium and large ones. Some hard to find, some almost impossible. And in this case, even color variations.

Included items. "Darker" Evil Oba variation.

Included accessories.

Included giant desert centipede.

Figure: "Captain Sandy Storm".

Figure: "Evil Oba". This is the harder to find version. The common is the lighter one. The bootleg version copied that "easier to find" color scheme.

 Detail shots. This is a wonderful and heavy figure. Menacing look (like Eddie the Head, Iron Maiden´s mascot).

Status: 1 Available MISB (lighter version) trade value: US$25

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