Monday, August 23, 2010

Auchan´s Police Force S.W.A.T. boat - Update!

"Sea Weapon", the police force sea set, the fast boat.

This vessel is a very interesting item, due not only to its simplicity (the 80s cartoon style), but possibilities.

Front shot. The windshield colorization is very cool.

As you can see in this picture, the windows are clear. Although the cabin itself is closed with no opening hatches or doors. Minor detail a modeling saw won´t fix. The boat has a lot of stuff on it. Simplifying it may be the way. Its another promising base for a custom.

Rear shot. Divers-ready.

Lots and lots of space to work on. You can see a radar dish and big cannon on your left and 2 machine guns (ressembling .50 cal guns) on the right.

Isometric view of the whole set. The flags are way out.

The side cannons slightly move when turning the top switches.

An area shot of the back. By the way, the whole boat is made out of a semi-rigid plastic. This may help if you want to develop a floating vehicle.

Scale shot with G.I.Joe figure.

If you´re into Police Force, this is yet another crime fighting vehicle! 

.50 cal guns

These weapons resemble the ones used with the Buddy L Humvee.

The big cannon looks like a harpoon launcher. Not the marine missile launcher, a "fish-harpoon" cannon like those used to catch sharks and such animals. This may be an idea to hold on to.

Another interesting detail on a possible use of this mold in a battery moved item.

Accessories view. The life-preservers may be useful. For more details on the weapons, refer to Iron (Eon) Kid Black Beauty Action Figure.

Status: Unavailable

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  1. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuSeptember 12, 2009 at 12:48 AM

    This ship has a lot of potential to be customized. The guns need to be changed, but nothing more than that. It's a great vessel by itself.


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