Monday, August 30, 2010

Adventure Heroes Tomb Protector Playset

 From the highly acclaimed "egyptian" theme line, comes another reference.

Chap Mei original, "inspired" bootleg "artists" to do their own bootleg version.

Inlcuded items.

Included accessories.

Included "Giant Crawler" : Scorpion. For more details on this, refer to "Adventure Heroes Giant Crawler Playset - Scorpion".

Figures: "Bomani" and "Captain Sandy Storm".

Giant Camel. Head moves up and down. Not electronically "enhanced" as its bootleg counterpart.

Detail shot. The Camel is actually very well conceived. Yet, gigantic. Chap Mei tends to gives us these overscaled items from time to time. Curiously, there are many fans out there looking for these items.

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


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  1. Luís "ToneGuns" Galileu TonelliAugust 30, 2010 at 2:26 PM

    The egiptian acessories are very good and the human figure has some custom potential.


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