Monday, August 9, 2010

Willys M38A1 Toy Soldier Jeep

We all had plastic toy soldiers. By the bag, in tens or tons, I´d say it´s safe to say over 90% of us had quite a few. And those who didn´t, know what I´m talking about. Back in the 80s, it was mostly US, French or British forces vs the Nazi side. Usually, the jeeps and tanks and trucks were all about the same scale. The one thing which used to change was the color. From blue to orange, green, olive green, whatever. To my astonishment over the years, companies (low budget) started to include vehicles 10 times the scale of their "human" counterparts. And didn´t seem to mind. And apparentely neither did who bought them, because they keep on coming. Thing is, one day I was checking out some Toys R Us, and I found a bag of these soldiers... with this jeep.

This appears to be a rough attempt to develop a 1952-57 M38 A1(or MD) Willys Jeep.

The wheels, and gun are a BIG no-no. But there is a huge potential concerning the jeep´s body.

Considering the context, the price (around US$5 for the whole bag of plastic soldiers... and the U.S. flag, of course), the purpose of the purchase... It was worth it. A Willys jeep is that kind of vehicle Hasbro never did. And let´s not get carried away and think Grizzly SS-1.

Scale shot. Besides new wheels, some dressing and painting, it´s pretty much there.

You can even put a .50 cal up there and make it really aggressive! So check your local Toys R Us for one of these. If you think you´re up to the challenge...

Status: Unavailable


  1. I have a collection like this as well but probably made in china, I want to have the toy soldier and the jeep willys is made by europe or american maybe you know where I can get it?

  2. Hello hobby toy,

    The toy soldier you refer to (picture?) is a G.I.JOE "A real american hero" 1990 Sky Patrol figure named "Altitude". The Jeep was found in a local Toys R Us. Check the miscellaneous sections. Where you find plastic animals and soldiers.
    Hope this helps!

  3. Really, those toy soldier jeep is very fantastic. I am gonna amazing to see those toys and sure that this toys will be great article. Thanks a lot mate.


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