Saturday, August 7, 2010

Freedom Force Deluxe Battle Tank Playset

One of the most admired Chap Mei items ever, and for some, the top of armor vehicles from the Asian brand, the Deluxe Battle Tank. According to our friends at "Small Scale Military H.Q." and especially "Ta-152" there, this tank is based on the Israeli Merkava.

Here presented in its "Freedom Force" version package.

Personally, I was looking for this tank since its release until finally finding it last year (2008) during the always beloved Christmas season. Cost me over US$50 but I figure it was well worth its price. For all reasons but mainly, because it is a beautiful piece.

Contents view. There are two versions of this tank so far (as of 2010). This desert camo one and a jungle camo numbered "21 with a picture of Rhino head"  instead of the "10 Wolf" here presented. 

There is not one angle in which this vehicle doesn´t seem cool.

Accessories. The common ones. Weapons crate, missiles (since the cannon is spring-loaded) and big gun.

Included figures.

Figure: "Lieutenant Cooper (tank commander)".

Figure: "Private Coldsteel".

Loaded main gun, missile view. The projectile can be fired by pressing the small red button.

Real working light.

Driver seat and hatches view.

Rear hatch locked (up) and tank´s top hatched closed. Down, the rear accessories/ material/ weapons cargo hold and with net attached.

Side missile view. Great sculpt and action.

Some details of this great vehicle.

Some more details, especially focused on the surface sculpting.

Action and angle shots. The more I think about how I wanted this piece of armor, the more I think US$50 is not that much.

Scale shots with 3 3/4" Joe.

Another must have!

Status: Unavailable


  1. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuNovember 9, 2009 at 10:48 PM

    This tank is perfect for the Joes. Wonderful scaled and full with details.

    BTW, I hadn't an internet connection, so I miss some posts.

  2. where did you buy this piece because i collect chap mei soldier force and freedom force but this piece is one that i really want, and have never found.

  3. This battle tank has been found in Austria, if I´m not mistaken.

  4. thank you for the info

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  6. Yes, you´re right. And it´s a valid reason to go mad :) As for colors, the green camo one is marked "21" with a rhino and this tan... "10" with a wolf. This one is the original, and the 21, the second issue.

  7. I have this set i think all pieces are there, i have original box too... How much is it worth??

  8. Tank number? #10 or #21 ? I may be interested.

  9. Sorry for late answer i forgot i posted this comment :D

    The tank is the other one - i think it's called SOLDIER Force.
    I need to clear my basement and its just laying in the box so if you are interested i would like to sell it.


  10. *Update*

    I checked it now and its the number 21 tank with the rhino logo on it. Also it seems like all pieces are there and in great condition. Also the lamp and turret are working.
    I will take some photos today later when i get camera so i can send you if you are interested.


  11. Just got the desert camo version of this beast. Does anybody know how to change batteries for the light? Thanks


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