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- Unknown Brand - Motorbikes

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some nice (and cheap) sets of wheels for your 1:18 riders. If anyone knows who made these (Toys R Us used to sell them), please let us all know. And although not sure, it is believed there were other models available...

Another one of those cases when you think: "This may come in handy". Toys R Us, late 90s, early 00s... 2 dollars a piece and no clue about their origins. Great scale, in some details (like effective durability or your own will to sacrifice their parts) even tops Maisto´s off road bikes.

Top left bike has some lines reminding the Kawasaki z1000 "Toecutter Bike" from the Mad Max franchise. A "Dakar" Rally bike. Pretty cool. The other two, while having KX250 printed on their seats, actually look like vintage Kawasaki dirt bikes.

Scale shots with a RAH G.I.Joe figure.

Status: Unavailable

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