Thursday, March 25, 2010

G.I.Joe The Rise Of Cobra Dragonhawk XH1 and Crimson Hydra

For something a bit different, some considerations about some new generation G.I.Joe weapons.

I was thinking about a conversation I had with a visitor/ contributor/ friend yesterday about the new "Joes", and how I was missing the good old days of plain superiority of G.I.Joe over almost everything else. However, some items are in fact good. These two are some of them.

There is no reason to go and review extensively these vehicles. The web is filled with good reviews on either static or motion supports. This Crimson Hydra, besides the cool bloody painting comes with a great Cobra golden age Ace, the "Aero-Viper".

... And talking about aces, on the other side of the barricade, we have a great "Wild Bill" piloting the G.I.Joe Dragonhawk XH1. A nice looking vehicle. Major flaws, as pointed out by the majority of fans... the size. Too small to make it a "Hall of Famer".

However, these are two examples of good vehicles from "25th Anniversary and beyond collection". And if on one hand is somehow a good thing, on the other hand, if we think about the "good vehicles" from the 80s... they would always be some notches higher than these. About the figures, besides the simple fact they are not fully compatible with the "vintage" ones, these are obviously richer when it comes to detail, but lose a lot when comparing playability. The ideal situation? Owning every single thing. Feel free to drop a line and let us know where you stand on this matter...

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  1. Luís Galileu G. TonelliMarch 26, 2010 at 1:21 AM

    It's a shame they made th dragonhawk xh1 so small.

  2. Then again, these are now a much better value than last year, when the movie premiered.


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