Tuesday, March 23, 2010

S.T.A.R. Force 6-Wheel Transport

The last 1998 S.T.A.R. force vehicle to be reviewed. And another hard to find item...

This was another vehicle that has had a "new millenium" counterpart with Light&Sound action and fluorescent "glow in the dark" paintings. Fortunately, this is the 1998 original mold model.

Included accessories.

Figures: S.T.A.R. Force astronaut team members "5" and "9". We´ll have a better look at these later.

The 6-wheeled tracker vehicle was direct adaptation of the 1996 The Corps! military line.

With the new and fresh S.T.A.R. force color look, it actually was refreshing. The original 1996 model (Field Tracker) paint scheme seemed to be a little bit too heavy, mud-looking. Those hooks on the bars (bottom left) seem to be there for some purpose. I didn´t figure it out yet.

Action shots.

Status: Unavailable.


  1. I have member 3, 4, 5 and 9 and two different bikes. I can't seem to find that pack anywhere.

  2. Lanard often changed not only STAR force sets but all of their "THE CORPS!". It was fairly common to see the widest array of figures and accessories (like the bikes you refer) mixed up. Try to explore our "The Corps" labeled sets and you´ll probably see those bikes in military colors.


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