Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dino Quest Action Figure Playset - Wildboar Max with Styracosaurus

Another example of Chap Mei´s strength, the Styracosaurus included in the small set with action figure.

The included accessories although very detailed are high over the proper scale, which leaves us "Wildboar Max" and the included "Dino".

Included accessories.

Figure: "Wildboar Max". For more details, refer to "Dino Quest Action Figure Playset - T-Rex Capture".


One of the coolest dinosaurs of this line. The sculpting and paint job are absolutely great. Sure it´s not the most scaled example, but there is no doubt that this Styracosaurus has to be a part of any serious 1:18 scale "Jurassic Park" collector.

Status: Unavailable.

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  1. I might as well start off by saying, out of several Chap Mei Dino Quest/Valley sets I own, this was my least favorite. I never liked Wild Boar Max and the Styracosaurus (which actually seems to be a Centrosaurus, or another Ceratopsid). However, after recently looking at the Styrac, it's a great little guy with amazing detail that's definetly underrated. Good review. :)


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